Which DB should I edit?


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Hello everyone, noob question here.
I've been editing FIFA for years in the Impact Engine/Ignite era and it's the first time I try and edit a Frostbite game (I'm trying to add real names/crests/kits to Serie A teams, nothing more).

I got everything set up (FIFA Editor Tool, FIFA Mod Manager) and by now I managed to import Voleck's Juventus kits just fine (even managing to change some hotspots to remove the front numbers and to reposition the name and the number at the back so they won't overlap with the sponsor).

Now I'm trying to assign the correct shirt models and name/number colours and I'm at a loss.

I thought I would etit the fifa_ng_db.db file (as it was the case back in the day), but changes aren't shown ingame.
So I thought I would do the same changes to the fifa_si_db.db file, but again changes aren't showing...

What am I doing wrong here? Is there any other file I should edit to make those changes appear ingame? Could it be the "matchday" file messing with collars? I thought I had turned it off (I still see Ronaldo playing for Juventus) :bwtf:

Thanks! :)


You might need to reset your squad to default in game, so the game can see the changes made to the defaut db.


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Oh God I'm stupid, I keep forgetting about that.

All fine now (as you can see Juve's away kit has collar 0 now instead of the default which was 7):

...now I "only" need to change all the colours and maybe, if I can, the number assignments so Serie A numbers get loaded.
Then rinse and repeat for the other three unlicensed teams (provided that I find good kits for them, I don't think I'm still able to do a FIFA kit now with the coeff, the normal and such).

Well, one step at a time they say.

Thank you!