Wheres the ball!!!??? interesting problem


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So here is my problem...
about a month ago I was testing Ball Revolution, but before I install it i backup all the zdata files...
Ok, I uninstall ball revolution (crashing problem) and I copy the originals zdata files, I playyed the game and everything was great, I even create a new tournament and played alot of games with Juventus.
Yesterday I went to my saved game and I played one game and for my surprise the ball doesn appear!!!:o
So I say to my self... maybe the saved game is corrupted, so I went tp play a quik game and its the same... no ball... the interesting part its that I only have the problem when I played in Delle Alpi stadium :rolleyes: , if I played in any other stadium the ball does appear...
What could be the problem???


Youth Team
Originally posted by UtdFootball
ball rev sucks

way to contribute to the thread :rolleyes:

i had the same problem though except it was all stadiums. Any suggestions?? i reinstalled to fix it but theres probably another solution....