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What was your most emotional memories watching Football?


Senior Squad
one of the many things that makes this sport godly is the emotion attached to it.

this can be one of the only things that make men cry cause their so happy. What are you fave memories?

Mine are:

1) this is lame but.....when Milan beat Juve i was upset, but seeing Seedorf cry made me feel pretty good inside.

2) When Uruguay beat Australia. I was literally crying since I was so happy.

3) When Nacional beat PSV Eindhoven in the Intercontinental Cup 88. Not many have to ask why this game was so special.

4) Maradona lifting the Cup in 88.

5) Argentina beating England in 98....that game was fantastic.
I was already living in england so some friends were doing the exact oposite.

6) When Boca beat Real Madrid in the Intercontinental 2000. That was so unexpected.

I have a hell of a lot more but these are the only ones at the top of my head.


The Legend
When the US got knocked out of the world cup 2002....i didn't know how to feel, i was proud and upset at the same time, thats my most emotional moment.


Starting XI
Saddest moments

Losing to Argentina WC 98 (plus Becks getting sent off)
Losing to Brazil WC 2002
Shearer's last game for England
Hand of god
Gazza getting sent off WC 1990

Happy Moments

Oh how nice it was to get revenge against Argentina WC 2002
Beating Denmark 3-0 WC 2002
Champions League final 1999 (the best comeback of all time!!!)
Winning the Premier League this year
Thrashing GErmany 5-1!!!!
The 3 most emotional games for me were all in World Cup 2002. From least to most emotional:

3.USA v. Germany

After this game, I was very depressed for about a week. I think I remember shedding a few tears just before I fell asleep that night, after the game.

2.USA v. Portugal

I'm not sure how I fell asleep at all the night before this game. But when the alarm woke me up at 3 am, I jumped right out of bed and ran down the stairs as fast as I could. I could not describe to you how much and for how long I had anticipated this game. And I could not describe to you the feeling I had as O'Brien scored the opening goal, just 4 minutes into the game. Me and my dad were jumping up and down like crazy and yelling in each of the US' goals. I'm surprised we didn't wake the neighbors. Then came Agoos' own goal with 20 minutes left to go. After that, this match became a real test of my nerves, but in the end we won.

1.USA v. Poland / South Korea v. Portugal

I had the USA game on upstairs and the Portugal game downstairs (loud enough so I could hear if there was a goal), and basically was running up and down the stairs for two hours, watching the two games develop. The score was still 0-0 in the Portugal - Korea game, while the US were losing 3-0. I felt like it was the end of the world. I was praying to God, tears in my eyes. Then Korea took the lead. I ran downstairs and mostly watched that game from then on, as it seemed impossible the US would fight back vs. Poland. The most memorable moment was when after a corner kick, a Portuguese player took a shot from the edge of the penalty area and it hit the post. I nearly fainted. But seriously, I feel like I lost 10 years from the rest of my life just because of that experience.


Fan Favourite
My most emotional moment was:
In hockey
When Belarus kicked Sweden out of the Olympic games in the quaters with the score of 4-3! I think we built a monument to Savo, after he handed us a win, by losing the puck!:rockman: :rockman: :rockman: . Thatwas the greatest.

My saddest moment was when United lost to Bayern in quaters of the CL in 2000-2001 season. Man, i tried so hard to fight back on every comment made by ShiftyPowers and Joe Lemon towards united, i think i won, there. Also i got a 2 month ban from SG after it and United lost.:(


Youth Team
When Azizi shot the ball past Australia's goal keeper in Australia to tie the game at 2 - 2 and clinch Iran a spot in France 98. It was the first time Iran has been in the World cup since 1978. I still remember the celebration by the team once he scored the goal. :O


The Man From Ohio
One of my happiest moments ever was seeing this happen...

One of my favorite players scoring to help the U.S.A. beat arch-rival Mexico in the World Cup. And I was at Columbus Crew Stadium watching the game with friends and the roar of a couple thousand Crew fans as our star striker scored was awesome. I felt so good for a few days after we beat Mexico, but I was both very proud of our team and very sad when they lost to Germany a few days later.

The over Columbia in 1994 was amazing as well, my first WC experience.


My happiest moment was when mr. Baggio missed that penalty agains Brasil back in 94. And Brazil losing the way they did in 98 was way uncool, and first leg Roma versus Milan really left me without blinking for the whole day.


Starting XI
Ah good thread brings back a lot of Memories...

Now for my top ten Moments

10) Brazil vs Bolivia= 1997? Copa America

I was in a house full of Bolivians Brazil had not been playing great football but Ronaldo scored two quick goals in 10 minutes and shut the lights out. I was jumping for Joy

9) AC Milan vs Barca= Champions league Final
Milan Won 4-0 NOBODY I mean nobody! saw that one coming I was delighted it was fun and happy in all ways

8) Venezuela 2 vs Chile 1= 2002 World Cup Qualifiers
For the first time in the history of my battered country we won a game away from home in a qualifying competition, it was a proud moments for me, after that we went on to beat every south American Team except Brazil and Argentina.

7)Brazil vs Netherlands= 1994 World Cup
One of the absolute best games I have ever seen it was back and forth. Branco sent me into frenzy when he sneaked a bullet past the Holland keeper with 5 left in regulation

6)Colombia 5 vs Argentina 0 =1994 World Cup Qualifiers
It was the score that shocked South America and ultimatelly eliminated Colombia from the 94 WC. I was happy and shocked at once

5) Colombia eliminated from the 1994 World Cup= Very sad, sadder when I found out about Escobar who was killed because of his own goal againts the USA

4) England vs Argentina= 1998 World Cup
I loved that game it was completelly magnificent, and the penalties were to die for

3) Brazil Beats Italy by Penalties = 94 Final
The game sucked, but when Baggio missed that shot I started kissing just about everybody I could kiss at that time it was great feeling.

2) Venezuela 3 vs US 3= Copa America 95'?
Not many here know about this game. It was the US's first participation in Copa America and Venezuela had been playing.....badly, during this particular game the Americans cheated, stole, fouled and even scored a goal that wasnt a goal......with 15 left it was US 3- Ven 0. But Amazingly in the greatest Comeback I have ever seen. VEnezuela Came Back to tie it all with a last minute goal 3-3 :rockman:

AND #1!!!

1) Man U vs Real Madrid= 03 Champions League

It was absolutelly fantastic, simply the best match I have seen in years, so at least for not this is my new #1 Football moment


Senior Squad
I just remembered the "hand of GOD" incident with Maradona...that was an emotional day. I remember watching it on telly as a kid and thinking "wow that guy punched it in the net! and got away with it!" then that mazy run when he just ripped the england defence to shreds...it was a great summer :rockman:


Starting XI
Obviously getting relegated ranks pretty highly, a few other moments include beating Man U away in the Cup, Australia losing to both Iran and Uruguay, West Ham beating Bradford 5-4 and my Hammers crazy Grandad dying a few days after that. Beating Chelsea to keep the dream alive was pretty bloody awesome as well.


Reserve Team
First of all I would like to say that the moment where Seedorf cried in the CL Final was awesome!!! It just showed that Soccer is all about emotions and passion.

I got a few memorable moments too:

- The 2001 Champions League Final between Bayern and Valencia. I ran home from school to watch the game and when I came it was in the 3rd minute. It was already 1-0 Valencia through a penalty. Getting myself ready with snacks, I sat down and Bayern got a penalty. Scholl missed it! In the 50th minute we got another penalty and this time scored! It was 1-1. In Extra Time (Golden Goal), my heart was beating so fast, I though I was going to have a heart attack. It was back and forth with shots taken from way out and goalies pulling out great saves. Then in the shootout, after it looked like we would loose, with two missed penalties and Valencia one missed, it all came back. A shot right through the middle sent Kahn the other way. Somehow he pulled out a safe with his foot while in the air to put the ball up on the crossbar, onto the line and out. And then the penalty he saved in Extra Penalties that secured our CL victory!

- In the last matchday of the Bundesliga in 2001. Munich was 3 points ahead of Schalke who had a better goal difference though. Bayern had to face Hamburg away and Schalke faced an easy opponent from Unterhaching at home. Schalke was down 2-0 and 3-2, but won the game 5-3. In the 90th minute, a cross comes in and Barbarez heads it in to make it 1-0 for Hamburg. This goal makes Schalke champs! Then in the 91st minute, the game in Schalke is over. They are celebrating. Fans come onto the field and cut off grass and are jumping with the players of joy. In the 94th minute, Schalke is already going crazy and their celbrations continue. Thats when in Hamburg, a defender passes it back and the goalie picks it up. Free kick from 10 meters. Patrick Anderson runs up and scores!!!!!!!!!!! I ran around the house as if I was screwed up in the head or something. In Schalke, about one minute later, on their Big-Screen in the stadium, they showed what happened in Hamburg in the last minute. Munich were champs and went on to win the CL a few days later.

- Bayern vs. Stuttgart in 1995 or 96 or 97.... cant remember. This was a fantastic save by Kahn. It was 1-0 Bayern and Elber was playing for Stuttgart that time. Kahn was about 4 to 6 meters outside the 18-yard box. Elber chipped it over him and it looked like it would be a goal. Somehow, Kahn ran back backwards and jumped backwards. He got the slightest touch and deflected it upwards. It hit the crossbar and came back down. On its way down, Kahn still in the air bicycle-kicked it over the bar for a corner. It can't be described in words.... it has to bee seen.

- Germany vs. England - EURO 1996 Semi Final:
What a game that was.... all the way to penalties and Germany won 5-4!

- When Germany won the EURO 1996 through Golden Goal. The whole town in Germany went crazy! It was dark outside and me and all my friends ran out at the same time. Fun times...

- Schalke winning the UEFA Cup against Inter in 1997 I think.

- Dortmund winning the Champions League against Juventus in 1996 or 1997 I think. I cant remember.

That's all for now I guess.