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Werder Bremen - Faces by M.S.


Youth Team
Thanks! :)
I have still big problems with finding good hairs for some players. Maybe somebody could help me? Do you have any ideas for hairs model for

-Tom Trybull
http://bilder.bild.de/fotos-skaliert/trybull-24629562-qf-22212856/2,h=493.bild.jpg (nice picture :innocent_smile_1:)

-Florian Hartherz

-Clemens Fritz

-Florian Trinks

-Francois Affolter

And here are again some new screenshots:


I have a problem: When I add new faces to the game the squads update doesn't work (fifa shuts down) and if I'm using the newest squads I can't add faces, they will delete the squads... Is there any way to add new faces and have the newest squad update, too?

Btw: why no more answers?


Youth Team
Here is the next (probably) finished face:

Our captain, Clemens Fritz :33vff3o::

It's a bit bad, that Aaron Hunt and Clemens Fritz have nearly the same hairs, maybe I can find better ones for one of them.
Btw: of course I will release the faces, I think I will do this in a pack, when all the faces are finished - so it could take some more time.


Youth Team
Here is a picture with the faces I edited yet. A lot of them aren't finished yet, and some of them are in a very early stage of editing, like you can see. But some of them are nearly finished. I wanted to give you a overview of my work.

Please give some comments and maybe good pictures for textures and ideas for hairs etc.

And I have a question: Is there a way to scale the head? For example: The head of Tom Trybull is too little, it would look more realistic if it would be bigger.


Youth Team
Here you can see some new things:


Felix Kroos:

Florian Trinks:

Marko Arnautovic:

Niclas Füllkrug:

Levent Aycicek:

But there is (as usual:innocent_smile_1:) probably nothing final.


Youth Team
I have a problem again:

The hairs is shown wrong in the game, but in the Creation Master everything is fine...


Starting XI
M.S.;3249298 said:
I have a problem again:

The hairs is shown wrong in the game, but in the Creation Master everything is fine...

there is no problem because with short hair in game not moving when player move his head this problem in almost players