Welcome to the FIFA 20 Forum! *READ THE RULES*

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Hello Everybody!
Just wanted to let you know that we've just created the brand new sub-forum for FIFA 20.

Same rules apply:
  • Respect each other above all.
  • Post only in English.
  • Don't spam modders with requests.
  • Patreon/PayPal/Etc are allowed.
  • Given recent events: As of today, January 22th, Any Discord Servers promotion will be removed. Since you keep bringing to my attention stuff that happened outside of Soccergaming. Well, now, you won't have the chance to do so. Links to Discord Servers will not be allowed.
  • Do not talk or post about Warez/Cracks. THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE REGARDING THIS MATTER.

Breaking any of these rules will result in an instant ban.

Hope we have a year full of wonderful Mods to share!

Thank you!
Not open for further replies.