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Wehen Team Patch

Don TM

Youth Team
This will add Wehen Wiesbaden to Rest of the World Teams.
Just unpack the rarfile and copy the game folder to yor Fifa 11 path.

Attention! Your database will be overwritten! All your changes will be undone.

I did it to check out DB Master and working with Text Editor.
As i'm not a pro in graphics, so kits and minis are just simple and EA style.



Starting XI
it would be great if you could post some SCREEN SHOTS.... people are careful in treating fifa11 db cause its fragile like broken glass....



Reserve Team
Wow, brother how did you add your team to the rest of the world teams ???

can ou please post a step by step on how to add new teams?

Don TM

Youth Team
The menu logo was done by EA, so unfortunately i don't have any temp for this.

There are over 100 unused logos in the data.big files.

Don TM

Youth Team
New Version of my Team Patch:
Working 100% with english and german language.
Other languages will have no name for one of the teams.

Added new teams to RoW:

- FH Hafnarfjördur
- Al-Shabab Club
- Vancouver Whitecaps (allready in Fifa 11, thanks to vannucchi for this)
- SV Wehen Wiesbaden

1. Back up your database
2. Unzip .rar to Fifa 11 Main Folder and overwrite all files (your current db will be overwritten)
3. Start .bh regenerator from Fifamania (contained in the archive, can be found in Main folder after unpacking.
4. Have fun

Team Patch

Screens will follow...

Don TM

Youth Team
These teams do not replace any others.
This Patch will overwrite your database, so your changes will be lost.
Make a backup of your current database, incase you encounter any problems.

Generic Oval

Reserve Team
Man, you're really really good...

Thumbs up for you and your effort. Also, good work on logos and kits (are the logos on the right spot?)!

EDIT: Could you also add a Whitecaps screenshot? :-)


Starting XI
hey bro, nice work.

u mind tellin me how did u import the kits and all to new teams ? but like.. step by step ?

thanks bro, keep it up and thanks for all the help :)

Don TM

Youth Team
Thanks man!

Only problem is sharing teams, because without Creation Master, we only can share whole databases. :( Combine different patches is really hard work to do. :(


minis and logos imported with File Master 11 from bassio.

1. start file master
2. select fifa 11 folder
3. next to open folder icon, you find generate big files icon. open this.

4. enter team id and select create big logo, small logo, home mini and away mini, then create.

5. open the files not in a data.big file.

6. import your logo/mini to the created file and save.
7. now your file is in game.

Kits imported with texture editor:

1. start texture editor from jor1980

2. open data3.big, this is where all kits are contained.

3. export a kit .rx3 that has the logo allready on the right position (middle, left etc. for Hafnar or Al Shabab i used Cesena kit because logo position and shadows are allready there)

4. open the .rx3 and replace the graphics with the ones you want.

5. close texture editor, rename the extracted file to what ever team id you need. kit_123456_1_0.rx3 to kit_654321_1_0.rx3 for example.

6. copy the file to game/data/sceneasset/kit folder.

7. now the kit should be ingame, if you made the database entry.

Don TM

Youth Team
Yes, the logos are on the right position. :)

some vancouver screens:

Thanks for Vancouver Graphics to EA and thanks for the database entry made by vannucchi. I just did not want to delete this team out of my database, thats why its in. :)

Don TM

Youth Team
I edited post above. :)

Flags are added the same way as kits. But its really hard to do flags this year. Thanks EA for this one!