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WC Refs


Club Supporter
We may be a new country to the World Cup but doesn't mean we are ignorant to rules. FIFA refs need a kick up where their mother never kissed them and where other ppl don't want to.

PICK UP YOUR GAME REFS... makes FIFA looking very much like a "fixed match" type of thing.

Idiots - who employs these guys????????? Idiots??????????????? obviously so. BRING IN THE VIDEO JUDGE - the refs can't make their own breakfast!



Senior Squad
i didnt not see the game today,but u are just reacting on whatever happened today as players have been in most interviews giving praise to the good referring so open ur eyes and remember the matches yesterday and the day before and before that :nape:


Senior Squad
The reffing is HORRIBLE!!!!!! That PK call for Ghana is the wackest crap I have ever seen. That was lamer than the Pires dive against Pompey. It is clear the Refs wanted the US out.


Senior Squad
I mean that this years WC referees have been very good, the players and also the managers think so and say so in interviews. I did not see what happened in todays match, so I can't say anything about THAT penalty kick desicion, but anyway I think that the referees have been doing great in the WC, and I also hope they continue throughout the WC with great refereeing:)


Club Supporter
didnt quite see the whole Croatia-Australia game because i was watching Brasil-Japan...but i switched to croatia-australia in the 80th or so minute & i saw graham poll giving Simunic 1 yellow card...but the comentator sead that simunic had another yellow card in the 61th minute & simunic had to see the RED.witch didnt happen until the 93rd minute, when he saw the 3RD YELLOW CARD IN ONE MACH.

Dont know if this is true, because, as i said, i didnt see the whole game & i dont know if he really got the first yellow card(the first of the 3)....anyhough, whe have incredibly stupid referres or incredible stupid tv comentators

has anybody else noticed this 3 card thing?


Mourinho’s Assistant
Please, the AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE chant sucks.

It is for bandwagon football fans here, and it belongs in the cricket and at the olympics.


Senior Squad
wtf i thought the refs have been doing an excellent job... except for 1 or 2 decisions like the PK but overall it has been good officiating ...the offside decisions have been spot on