WC Quarter-Final: Italy v. Ukraine {P & R}


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What a performance by Zambrotta, Cannavaro and Buffon. :Bow: Rambo MoM yeah, but Toni will probably get it from the FIFA because he scored 2... but let's see.



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so much for a boring game.
Zambrotta was unreal on that second goal, cutting between two defenders like that :jap:


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Luca Toni has awaken finally, hopefully he continues to heat up.

Zambrotta great game, Cannavaro amazing again.

And of course Buffon, nothings getting by him.


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Moratti1 said:
Thanks RUSI for starting the thread...

Ukraine are a physical squad but are having massive issues "Putting the ball in the old onion bag", lol something like that. With that said they do have Shevchenko who is one of the more consistent and dangerous strikers in the world (It's hard saying that because I am an Interista, thankfully he is out of the seria a.)

Italy's defense, as I like to call them, "The wall" have been phenominal thus far allowing only one goal the entire tourney which was an own goal as well. Yes, we are missing Nesta and YES! We are mising Materazzi, but Barzagli is more than capable of doing his end and also plays very physical which suits this match very well.

Totti looks to play the game right from the beginning, according to some hints given out by Lippi. He is definitely becoming match fit and has to feel on top of the world after placing Italy into the quarter final, I am sure he feels "Baggioish" as in the wc 94'. We will need him to control his midfield area. I will be looking for him to dish to ball to the sides and for the outside half backs to cross it into Toni/Gilardino which are both very good with the head.

Speaking of Toni, I believe this is his breakout game... He has looked very dangerous much of this tournement and very much so against Australia. He has been unfortunate to not have a goal yet, but I believe he will this game. IMO, Toni will have two goals in the first half.

I believe Toni scores the only goals of the game because once his puts number 2 in, I fully expect Italy to defend the rest of the game with less of an offensive frame of mind.

Final score, 2-0 Italy (Toni x2.)

Freagin Zambrotta ruining my prediction, LOL just kidding... Zambrotta phenominal on all cylinders!

Perfect Italian soccer style today, if you don't think it's entertaining then shove it because the fact is it gets it done!

Everybody meet Toni! I said this would be his breakout game and it was. Now he got his goals and watch out for him now. I do see a Rossi style performance for the rest of the world cup. For Italy to beat Germany and win this cup, Toni will have to be the man leading us upfront.

I like the matchup against Germany because of their sloppy defense. I respect their offense, but now with the possibility of Nesta coming back and now having Materazzi available is very capable of defending this difficult German offense. The Italians will counter attack at the right moments and can punish the German defense.


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Juventino said:
Gattuso man of the match... bullsh*t. He played great, very imporant, but ZAMBROTTA!!!

Thankfully Gattuso didn't get a yellow this game which allows him to play the semis. He is crucial in the middle with his physical presence. Ballack seemed a bit hurt at the end of the game, Gattuso needs to be physcial with him and take him out of the game.

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congrats to ukraine for even making it this far.

unfortunately, they were just overmatched today. shevchenko just didn't really have any help throughout the tournament. but i'm glad he was able to get a chance to play in a world cup.

good luck to italy. should be a great game vs. germany.


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3 goals??? :D

Again, Zambrotta on the left or right doesn't matter. He's the best whatever position he plays in. Gattuso was all over the pitch and I was screaming at the TV to take him and Rambo off so they wouldn't take a yellow. Finally Toni scores. Let's hope he's on a streak.

Forza Italia!!!


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Great game by Italy...Germany and Italy, two teams with traditionally strong defences now quite attack oriented. Should be a good semi. Totti still was not entirely convincing...will need to be a bit better against Germany. Good thing Toni got going.