Volta (and the main game) "Has the CPU performed a certain skillmove yet?" spreadsheet


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(The attachment has had its extension changed to .txt to have allowed me to upload it. To view the spreadsheet, just change the extension to .xlsx and load it into the PC version of Excel, unless Mac's can handle it that is.)

For anyone interested, this saddo (me!!) has compiled this skill move Excel list, from the 143 or so skill moves that are meant to be in the main FIFA 20 game and also within its Volta mode (Volta being what kicked me off with this, although I do a similar thing each year for FIFA and PES). I love seeing the CPU perform them these days, for one good reason. That being that most of them are organically performed, so each time its performed, much like if we do them ourselves, the angle/height/ball spin etc of the ball into the move, within the move, and out of the move, is often varied each time.

Towards the lower part of the list you can see the more Volta only skill moves, the more "flair" moves, a lot of which are "air" moves.

The second column in the sheet shows YES where I have seen the CPU performing the trick, and anything in pale yellow are my sought after skill moves to witness, yes, I need to get out more. Or stay in more maybe?? ;)

So far, I think its roughly 85 of the 143 skill moves that I have witnessed the CPU performing, most I have captured to video but I wont be uploading them of course, too many.

For those asking why haven't I bothered with skill moves that we the player can do, then that would be down to the fact that that would be a waste of time. We can do them all!

I plan to do the same for 2012's FIFA STREET 4 via the RPCS3 emulator, witnessing them in 4K these days makes the skill moves look oh so much clearer.....they were much organic in that too.


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