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Voleck`s Faces

Matt K

Club Supporter
You need to export the .FBX files out of Blender the same way you did for Krychowiak and Zielinski. It's shown in this video:



Reserve Team
Dude, your files are wrong. I tried Jozwiak, Zielinski, Karbownik, Gumny and Krychowiak. I could add only Gumny and Krychowiak.


Club Supporter
Maybe make Lewys latest hairstyle :D :D



Youth Team

I will upload two versions of Krychowiak, as we know there was a problem with exporting. If someone can try to upload those two version and tell me wich is correct, then i could fix all previous faces.
I think today i will give it to You.


Club Supporter
Hi Volek ive looked at both video tutorials but no matter what i am still unable to import fbx mesh files. Ive tried to reinstall frosty to latest version and that doesnt help either. All i need to do is import fifa 19 hairstyles for bellerin wilshere and shaw into fifa 20. Can you please help me out. Thank you


Club Supporter
how do i get the premium version of frosty editor? to import mesh files.

I also have a problem with importing mesh files, I don't have regular import option. I tried to export one head mesh as a .bin file and than import it over other player's head, but it didn't work. In editor it seemed that head is ok, but when I tried to see that face in game, the game crashed.