vojasrbin's Faces (WWTFM)


Senior Squad
Panagiotis Kone (Udineze, Greece NT)

Only need to fit hair.
Your opinions? :rhizome:


Senior Squad
deko23;3916862 said:
It's a great work for Kone!
Thanks man!
pao4ever;3916873 said:
great! you should fix the shine on the nose, too

HoppyJoe;3916880 said:
Very good face, just remove the shadows from the picture around the eyes
Already fixed it.
kuchjc;3916929 said:
can you update face & Smalling bro?
Will see. ;)
*Supernova*;3916937 said:
Amazing work!!!
Nenad Tomovic final i think.


Oh and tits.
vojasrbin;3917462 said:
Thank's guys!
Adrien Rabiot (PSG) first try. He has a very difficult model. :f***:

Used some texture parts from lth19951021 version.

Good start but needs a lot of work which you shall accomplish.