Virtual Memory Problem


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Not only do i get the "Low Virtual Memory" notice, my computer gets really slow and basically unusable after being on for more than 10 minutes.

I've tried everything - fiddled with virtual memory settings (i have 512 mb ram and i tried the setting at 1024mb, and kept on raising it), deleted the page file and started it again. ran virus check, spyware check, cleared up a bunch of memory (im at 15% free). and a week ago i was at 8% free and everything was fine. ran the disk defrag.

I got this computer last year. 2.6ghz 512mb ram.

Is there anything else i can do?

Kibe Kru

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Virtual Memory is something Windows use when the system runs out of ram, so basically you're running some software that needs more ram than you have. the obvious action would be to buy more ram if you can afford it, as it'd be useful for all the applications you run on the computer


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Maybe some program is causing a memory leak (it can't free up the memory), slowly the computer's performance will start decreasing and the memory usage of that program can grow without stopping.. Google for programs that find and fix memory leaks :)
Or consider using some linux distro :jap:
Hope that solves your problem..


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You may have too many aplications openned at background. Try to uninstall some programs or look for programs that start when initiating windows (in the system registry).


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Yea. I have a memory leak.

When i look at my processes, AOLservicehost.exe ends up taking up way too much memory after a couple minutes. It keeps building up.

Does anybody know of a good program to stop this?


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uninstall the program probably(Aol), and reinstall it. i don't know if that might help.