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Starting in the spring I got a part time job at a video store that would help me roll in some cash for the summer. One of the great perks of having this job is that every employee gets five free rentals a week so after seeing my fare share of movies that I had always wanted to see but just never got the chance to see, I decided to start watching some television series. There are some good freakin' shows out there!

Here are the shows that I watched from start to finish, started watching so I could catch up to the present showings or have just recently started to watch:

1) Lost - It was the first one that I picked up and the reason I did was naturally because of all the hype that was surrounding it. I just wanted to know what the big fuss was all about. I really enjoyed seasons one, two and three. Season four kind of sucked because of the writer's strike and the fact that it had to be shortened to 13 episodes. I watched all of season five on TV as they were playing it and even though I thought the direction they went into was kind of strange I think it was necessary because it finally gave a show some sort of a true meaning which it never had before (a million plot points which never lead to any answers). I thought the end of season five was great and I'm very anxious to see what they'll do in the final season when the season six starts in May here in the US.

2) The Wire - Absolutely f*cking amazing show! Five seasons of pure brilliance! HBO drama at it's absolute best! I got into this show so fast and liked it so much that I'm pretty sure I finished all five seasons in a little over a month. If you ever just want to pick up a show and watch it the whole way through then I definitely recommend The Wire.

3) Mad Men - I was very skeptical going into this one because I honestly didn't know what to expect. After watching the pilot episode I knew I'd be hooked. This show has a quality in its acting and writing that you rarely find on television programs anymore. Jon Hamm is a brilliant actor and the character he plays on the show, Don Draper, is one of the coolest, yet troubled and confused, dudes on television. There is also a good amount of eye candy on this show which is nice. Season three is underway now on AMC and it's building up to be just as good as seasons one and two.

4) True Blood - Vampires, sex, drugs, violence. Those four words pretty much sum up what this how is about, if I had to sum it up in one word though, that word would be: awesome. From seeing vampires interact with Wii's and cellphones to getting Anna Paquin nude scenes every other episodes, there's really no reason to not watch this show.

5) Dexter - I just picked this one up today as a tool of procrastination throughout this semester. I've only watched the first two episodes of season one but I can already tell Dexter is gonna be one of my favorite characters on TV. He is one cool and twisted dude.

6) Fringe - This one I decided to start watching because when it started last spring, I was already into watching Lost and was enjoying it so much that when I saw JJ Abrams was also involved in Fringe I thought "why not?" Turns out it was yet another show that I got myself hooked on. Good thing I have a DVR or else I'd seriously have absolutely no life whatsoever. I watch most of this stuff in the middle of the night or pre-afternoon before going to class. Back to Fringe though, I was skeptical of it at first and even considered to remove it from my list but then right when I was on the cusp of making that decision the show started to pick up like crazy and just got better and better all the way to the season finale which was incredibly awesome. I'm not awaiting anxiously for season two which starts this fall.

So anybody on here watch any of these or anything else? Let's make this a nice discussion thread for all these great shows.


True Blood and Dexter are awesome (Y). I'm also watching Entourage, House and Band of Brothers (if that counts as a TV show).


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I haven't been into any series in years, I tried Dexter but couldn't get into it... i watched 2 or 3 of the first episodes and couldn't enjoy the character, he seemed too fake and pretentious. The plot line wasn't interesting as well. Last show I was into was the Soppranos and that was dieing off in the last seasons.

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Have watched(in the past):
a little bit of COPS, Prison Break, a little bit of House(for that Olivia Wilde), Star Trek Voyager(got bored of it fast), NCIS(brilliant!), a little bit of Fringe....not too many episodes.

Currently only watch:
DEA(ftw), Friday Night Lights(hopefully it returns in the Fall), 24!!!

Lately I've been watching He-Man and GI Joe episodes on Youtube. I actually remember some of them....HA!


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Spain is behind on shows, and mostly relies on Seinfeld and Friends reruns, but there are some good shows around. Lie to Me seems promising, Big Bang Theory, 2 and a half men, War at Home, 30 Rock, It's always sunny in Phillie, How I met your mother...

I stopped watching most dramas because they either suck, are night-time soaps, or require too much work to follow. I've never been able to watched every episode of a season in order, and shows like Lost require you to do that if you want to enjoy them. Sitcoms ftw.


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Dollhouse is definitely worth a look. I was obsessed after watching the first couple of episodes. Very good concept.

How I Met Your Mother is legen... wait for it, and i hope you're not lactose intolerant... dary (H)


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There are some crappy shows out there, but what got me hooked awhile back was 24. I started watching in Season 2, which was the best. But here are some of the shows I watch:

24, NCIS, Lost, Heroes, Fringe, Southland (Pilot Episode is brilliant).


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Mad Men is a great series, and I'm currently up to date on that one. Dexter, is another one I enjoy.. Just wait till you get into season two. Its always sunny in philadelphia, its worth it for all the good laughs.

If you haven't seen it and if you get a chance, you should check out The Shield and Rescue Me. The Shield ended a year ago and will cause you to have a love hate relationship with the main character.


Also, you should seriously rent Extras or The Office(UK), it's only two seasons each with few half-an hour episodes, so it's easy to watch and ******* hilarious.


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Lost is great, been following it since the first season. I still miss Charlie but i think the Benjamin Linus character is great for the story.

Whatever happened to Claire, hopefully they finish the storyline involving her.


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LOST is the only one I still follow, can't wait for the last season, it will be the craziest sh!t ever !

And other tv shows that I loved and highly recommend are The Sopranos and OZ.


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I just couldnt get into lost..
Ive recently watched the whole 3rd season of Dexter (within a week)
and im just 2 eps behind the current season of entourage.
Also watching eps from the office and 2and a half men whenever i have free time.

I started watching fringe from day 1. I liked it imediately tho it did feel like even the writers didnt know where they wanted to go at some point between the first 3-4 eps untill ~mid season. Ending was extremely intriguing, but i seriously doubt they can keep up with that finale in this seasons start.

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I've watched a few episodes of True Blood; the first three I think. I didn't particularly care for it, but it had enough nude scenes for me to see the first disk. I still haven't really made an attempt to follow up on it, but I might later on.

The only show I'm a big fan of is Entourage. I love everything about that show. The actors play their roles well, and the characters are very deep and well developed. Plus Ari and Drama are the best characters in any show I've seen. I have the 8 episodes from season 6 saved in my phone, so I watch them when work is slow. Isn't technology great? (H)

I've seen Arrested Development on and off. I think it's a pretty good and funny show, but it seems kind of boring at times. They do have good characters at well, and many different types of humor, so it's good to watch to kill time every now and then. But I wouldn't say I'm hooked on it or anything.

I've been meaning to check out Weeds, too. My friend is obsessed with that show, so I want to see what the fuss is all about.

I used to watch Scrubs religiously until about the writer's strike, but I think I was just watching it because of what it used to be. The first three seasons were great, and after that it just started going downhill. It went from laugh out loud, to a few chuckles, to crickets in the background. Come to think of it, that's basically what happened to Family Guy and The Simpsons.


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Six Feet Under still is my favourite non comedy show.

Produced by HBO and Alan Ball (also behind American Beauty and True Blood) it went on for 5 epic seasons and ended from its own creative accord. Great balance of emotional and light hearted stuff... just a great show.