TUTORIAL: Updating Faces On Your Own


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I know that waiting for an established facemaker to update a face is a very looong and annoying wait, but they arent gonna waste their time updating faces that dont strictly needed, because they are too busy making outstanding faces. To avoid this wait, i decided to update an in some cases create players faces with some success. In this thread i will explain how you can do this yourself.

NOTE: THIS METHOD DOES NOT REQUIRE BLENDER, FACEGEN OR PHOTOSHOP,it only requires Rinaldo's Creation Master 15, and his File Master.
It is also recommended that you have FHL-Backup tool by Bernd, and make a back up of your Fifa 15 before we start, just in case you make a mistake somewhere along the line.

ALSO: I use Moddingway Mod, i dont know how rev mod works assigning faces and the like but i assume you know what you'll be doing as it is similar to installing faces as normal from facepacks. And unfortunately it does not work for players with no form of mod like this installed.

***DISCLAIMER*** I am not trying to rip off peoples work, i respect all that they do, if you feel i have done so, please tell me and i will fix the issue and give you the recognition that is due. Also, the quality if the faces is not guaranteed, some turn out great, others average, but it depends and an semi decent face is better than the rubbish default EA faces.

For this example, i will actually attempt to make Kevin Volland, from Hoffenheim.
For whoever you decide to make, get their "id number" this can be found by typing in "*your players name* id fifa" into google. The first option usually has it in bold, in the description. It should be 4-6 numbers long.
You can also use Modddingway Selector, by typing in the players name, or on creation Master, next to their id card, to the right, when you first type in their name and view their details.
For example: Volland's is "200610"

You want to go onto google and get a good idea what his face shape is like before you enter Creation Master. Once you have a decent idea, use prior knowledge, and I use Xavialex's Fifa 15 new faces files, which has a preview of all the new faces added this year. Look through these resources and find the most similar face you can find.

For this Volland, the closest i could get was Aston Villa's Ashley Westwood.

The next step is to `open Creation Master 15 (run as administrator).
Go to "File-open Fifa 15"

Now click on the face tab (messi picture) and type in the name of the most similar face...
Example "Westwood Ashley" and click on the face tab, and then click on the eye logo underneath the big grey box.

You should be greeted by the players face model.

Click on the little face with a green arrow, and when the prompt appears, make a new folder titled the name of your player you are making/ updating.
Example "Volland"

Once youve made the new folder, just to be sure, click the face with the green arrow, and in the prompt, select the folder you just made.

Now, back in Creation Master, click on the "show textures" tick box.
Directly underneath that tick box, there will be a weird view of the face, like someones squashed it and streched it to make it 2d.

click the icon that has a little peice of paper with "EA"on it, and a green arrow. When the prompt comes up put it in the folder where you put the face model earlier.
You keeping up?

Now you need to organise some hair, so again, refer to the resources you have and find the best matching hair you can find...

For Volland, i found it was FV.Bart's fantastic Arek Milik's hair, from his brilliant international face pack that you can find on his thread.

*Just a brief interuption, if you use other peoples work, i don't suggest you submit it as a mod, thats why i am not using pictures, as i dont want to rip off peoples work. You can use hair and faces and stuff from face packs, and also models all ready in the game*

So for me, i'd go to the "hair" and "hairlod" files, and drag them from winrar or what ever programme you use to unzip files, into the file i made earlier.

If you use a hair model already in fifa, then the process is very similar to the head process.
For hair already in fifa, go to the player that has the hair most similar as you can get to the player you are making. Click on the brown shape with a green arrow on it (just to the right of the face one we used earlier) and again, when the prompt comes up, click on your file you made earlier. Now go to the textue bit at the right of the model, where the weird face was. (If they arent there, repeat the steps earlier. Tick the show textures box) and click the paper icon with "EA" on it, thats underneath the weird black, red and bluey pink shapes on it. Put click on you folder you made and thats it.

SOOOO! Now you have the building blocks for the face.
You can close Creation Master.

Open up the folder you made earlier
If you di it right, you will be greeted with a file labelled "data"
click on it and you will go to one called "sceneassests"
click on that and there will/should be 4 files.

Now the easy part. Go through the files renameing the "rx3s" inside
Ashley Westwoods id was "189280", so the rx3 in the "faces" file, in the folder i made was called "face_189280_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_textures.rx3"
Right click on it and select rename.
*ONLY BACKSPACE THE ID CODE, NOT THE WHOLE THING* Replace the bit you backspaced with the id code you got earlier.
Example: I would only delete the 189280 part, and replace it with 200610 which is vollands id code. This is the same for all the other folders. Go through all the rx3s in the folders "faces, hair,hairlod and heads, changing the code in the rx3 to the code of the player you are making.
example: *note, the code will be different depending on who you are doing*
So after this step, in the faces folder there should be:


in the hair folder there should be:

In the Hairlod folder, there should be:


In the heads folder there should be:


*** The "x's" are substitutes for the code, in yours the "x's" will be your player that you are makings code.

make sure the code on all the rx3s is the same, and correct, otherwise your face wont show in game.
Once this is done, go into your "FIFA 15" folder, and get to the data folder.
The directory will probably look like this
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 15\data"

drag all 4 files from your folder you made at the start, into "sceneassets" folder.
Now, re open Creation Master 15 (run as administrator)
"file, open-fifa 15"
Now click on "tools" and click in the "regenerate BH" option.
A prompt will come up, just click yes. Leave that for a few seconds ntil you get a normal mouse back, from the blue spinning circle.

The face you have made is now in the game.

To make the faces more realistic, If you know that in the previous Fifa instalments, someone created that face, download it and open it using your unzipping software. Drag out the face texture alone onto your desktop.
Rename the code in it the file name"999999"
Drag that into your "face" folder in the sceneassets folder in data folder, which is in your actual FIFA 15 folder.
Now. Open File Master.
On the left there is a little plus, just before a directory like the one i posted earlier, thats irrelevant though, click the plus.
Then click on the "data" folder that appears underneath that,
Click sceneassets that appears under that, and click faces that appears under sceneassets.
Find the face texture with the code 999999 in it, double click and a picture should come up, with a squished up 2d face.
Click the peice of paper with a green arrow on it, and save it to your desktop, name it what ever you want to.

Now, find it and right click it.
Click the "edit" option.
Good old "Paint" should come up, click "resize"
Click "Pixels" and type in 1024, instead of 512.
Click file, save as, and rename it something different than before, if a prompt comes up, saying it'll lose transpareny, say "ok".
Close that.

Now back with File Master find the face texture with the id code that you made earlier, not the 999999 but the other one. the 2d face thing will appear.

This time, click the paper with the red arrow, and find the picture you just edited in paint, the resized one.
Click the save button.
Close File Master.

Open Creation Master, same as always (run as administrator) file, open-fifa 15, and regenerate BH.

Close that, start up fifa and Enjoy.

*If you are only updating the hair, or the texture use the steps under the title.*

*also note, the Faces will not be perfect!!!!!! think of them as temporaries until the facemakers get around to making their versions! The closer models you find, mean the end product will be better. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below :)


Youth Team
If anyone wants, i can post some easy faces to start off, and some recommendations, Also, reply to this thread with a player you want to make and i'll help with suggestions and recommendations, make it public so others can try them as well


Senior Squad
Do I understand it right...

you only change the texture of a face?

Its not possible to use heads,hairs or hairlod from fifa 14 in fifa 15? (with any released tools)


Youth Team
you didnt understand, sorry mate, my fault.
Faces is the only thing i know of. I know that the hair and face models do not work, but as far as overwriting textures using fifa master goes, i don't know. I will check now.


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mate, i am sorry i have absolutely no idea how 360 modding works. If someone who knows about it has an idea, can you please enlighten us?


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dowloaded a face from a facemaker and did your steps for transfering files into fifa but still shows generic face in game.... you should do a video tutorial.


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Hello guys. I'm a noob on FIFA editing on PC, so I tried to put some new faces ingame and it don't work. I update the correct files on the screenassets folder, load on CM15, unticked the "has generic face" and the face appears on CM15. In game it still shows a generic one. What am I doing wrong?

And sorry for my bad english


Youth Team
That's why bro I think, download moddingway mod from moddingway, grab the all in one and it'll work, it has revmod in it anyway, after its install have another crack and it should work