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[tutorial] How to set graphic detail


Youth Team
kurti152;2942194 said:
I have lot of lag when i play is there some body can help me? i test the patch but it lags lot of i play in low resolution is there some body can help. Is there a patch for bad resolution!!

yeahh me too. -.-


Starting XI
lag... lag... lag...

replace your old Video ram with this.....


Roger Mitch

Club Supporter
[tutorial] How to set graphic detail

My Graphic card is Nvidia Geforce 7900 gtx, i'm satisfied cause i think it's good for playing games like warcraft, battle for mid earth, half life 2, marv ultimate aliance, call of duty, bla bla bla...But when I play adapted games from playstation like bio hazard 4 (resident evil) or onimusha 3 there's something wrong with the picture, i can't tell what it is but it's different from playstation (like the motion blur or something) and i hate that, I've try to check option > graphic setting but I can only change the resolution, blood color, and some unimportant setting that not related to detail level, I've also use the anti aliasing, anisotropic and all the settings in the driver but there's still no difference..Is it my graphic card? Are all adapted game from playstation like that? Thanks.


Youth Team
can anyone guide me how to put this patch using db11?
because i have applied hybrid gameplay to my data0..


Youth Team
i want to edit my file, how can i export and import it? i tryed with fifafs but he dont open my fifa (full version 1.0.1)

any suggestion?


Club Supporter
Can anyone help me, i downloaded the settings.lua file and replaced the data0.bh but i dont see any changes in the graphics am i suppose to edit the settings.lua?