TUTORIAL: How To Add Kits (For Dummies)


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First of all, i wanna say thanks to jmmontoro for helping me to understand de basis of editing. I have to say im more than a noob into Fifa edition series but i had some background from PES, so some of you might know me from my another pseudonim called jahlive.

Anyway, i just wanted to explain on a Dummies-proof tutorial how to insert kits with the tools we had at this point.

Im taking Juventus as an example for this descripiton.

First of all: You need to know your team´s ID. Every team has an ID on the database, so it makes it different than other teams on FIFA.

Heres a link to a NaFer thread which you can find your team´s ID:

So Juventus ID is: 45

Lets say Juventus only has 4 kits in game: Local, Away, Goalkeeper and Third Kit. Now i need to add some variations of those kits and also want to replace the grey goalkeeper kit with a black one which i think it looks nicer.

Then, those kits are identified inside the database with a few "specs"

kit_xxxxxx_0_0.rx3 - Home kit
kit_xxxxxx_1_0.rx3 - Away kit
kit_xxxxxx_2_0.rx3 - Gk kit
kit_xxxxxx_3_0.rx3 - 3rd kit

Then Juventus kits inside the game are:

kit_45_0_0.rx3 - Home kit
kit_45_1_0.rx3 - Away kit
kit_45_2_0.rx3 - Gk kit
kit_45_3_0.rx3 - 3rd kit

Cool, now i need the graphic files (.rx3) to replace em. I got my kits from an L77 thread in some other forum. Im not gonna share em here because i don´t know if it could cause me some trouble, so lets say you find your new .rx3 files and we are ready to start to replace em.

Nice, we have the kits then on a rx3 format type.

Now, i strongly reccomend you to first: install jmmontoro´s "Day One Patch", which updates a few things on Fifa as serie B teams. The interesting thing here is this patch already has the file structures which are gonna to allow us to mod kit files and that´s what we need.

If you see the patch once is uncompressed, you will see a "data" folder and some .bh files, so inside of this "data" folder are the other folders we gonna need to check in order to edit the game. Inside of "data" there are "loc", "SceneAssets" and "ui" folders, but for us, the main objective right now is the "SceneAssets" one, which also contains the "kit" folders we are gonna to examinate right now.

So forget about what you are watching right now inside of "kits" folder and lets get focus on our team, which is Juventus right now.

Lets say you just add the rx3. files which i mentioned before:


What now? You need to regenerate with FHL-Tools by Bernd which i found here:

Once you get it, start it, it will automatically detect the fifa files so you go to data_graphic2_extra and select it. Then click on the tab called "Regenerate all BH files (take care of external files)" and wait till its over, then close the tool and go to your game. You should see now the new kits. Black GK kit instead of grey, and the players kits made by L77.

Now, what happens with a GK kit, it was a grey one with whit fonts and shorts numbers, so by now, we dont need to touch the database in order to change anything else cause those fonts and numbers fit perfect with the new kit, so move on.

But, since i want to insert 3 more kits in my game, which are variations from original ones with different color shorts, we might take a look into the database so its the only way i know till now to add the ne alternative kits.

Let´s say you already have the new kits on a rx3 format. Since it was 3 diferent kits i made changes on the .rx3 original files with "File Master" tool. That step its pretty self explanatory so keep on moving guys.

My 3 new kits are named like this:

kit_45_4_0.rx3 / home kit (black and white stripes) with black short
kit_45_5_0.rx3 / away kit (blue one) with yellow short
kit_45_6_0.rx3 / third kit (green one) with black shorts

And of course they were named like that for some reason: 45 is Juventus ID, then the other numbers 4,5,6 are related with the kits order into the game.

So, here we go: Database

At a first glympse, database should seem pretty intimidating, but no worries, just make a backup of your files located on C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 15\data\db then you will be fine if you fail (hope not).

Now we need the tool "DB Master" by Rinaldo

Once you got it, select open file and it will automatically find your db files. First, select fifa_ng_db-meta, and then select fifa_ng_db and now you will see the database ready to be edited.

Now we want to clone some kit table and then modify some assets to make it show like extra kits in game, so go and pick "team kits" list.

In example: Juventus ID is. 45 so we click on "teamtechid" to order the rows. Then go down to find Juventus kits

So, the original kits are the first five listed above. 1404,1405,1406 and 1407 are the ones i replaced in the first place. Notice that 6109 is the classic kit, so avoid it.

Now, the rest of them: As the alternative kit i wanna set first is pretty similar to the local kit, im gonna select the whole 1404 row, then click copy record, and now click insert record, so you gonna see two 1404 rows. The one marked in blue is the original, and the new one is the one you are gonna to edit in order to add the alternative juventus home kit with black shorts. If you want to add the other kits, just copy the row from the more likely looking one that you need. Lets say i will add blue kit with yellow shorts so i copy 1405/45/1 Row then add it again, and then just change the values so it looks like 7001/45/5 and for the third one you copy 1407/45/3 row and duplicate it, then change the values to 7002/45/6 like i show above.

So you change 1404 for 7000 on teamkitid (or any number above 7000) and also change the 0 value for 4 on the teamkittypetechid. Why 4? because i choose to set the new kits in order from 4 to whatever number you want depending on how many kits you planning to add. Notice that 7001 is 5 and 7002 is 6. So follow that pattern and will be alright.

If you save database at this point just to check if the kits were added, then regenerate with FHL-Tools like i already told, and go to the game, then you will see Juventus now with 3 extra kits besides the original ones, so it´s time to celebrate this little victory.

Shorts numbers

Now, you might notice that short numbers are the same as original kits but you need different colorways for the new kits you added. I.E: 7000/45/4 needs white number on shorts? You need to modifiy "shortsnumbercolor" row. So originally, the row we pasted there it has a "2" as a value, but "2" means black color, and we need to make it white, so we change the value to "1", then save DB, and regenerate if you wanna check the new setting on the game.

Yellow shorts on the blue kit (alternative away) need black numbers, then i set the "shortsnumbercolor" value to "1", and since the green (alternative third) kit needs white numbers on the shorts, i set the "shortsnumbercolor" value to "1". Now you can save DB, then regenerate, and then enjoy.

MINIKITS: No need to edit database as long the kit already exists on db

Look into the path: C:\ Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 15\data\ui\imgAssets\kits

Those are .DDS images, they should be like:

There ya gonna find the minikits.. it´s just copy/paste, then regen...

Ill keep updating asap i learn more edition stuff

I think that covers pretty much the basis of adding kits, so collars and other settings must be quite easy to change if you understood this tutorial. On my case i didn´t change collars since i copied the row from a kit which it looks exactly like i needed.

So, i hope this tutorial will help some noobs like me in order to add some kits in FIFA 15 meanwhile the tools are being developed by the masters of edition. Im trying to understand more edition procedures at this point, like adding minikits, so if you wanna teach me how or maybe help, ill be glad to receive PM´s from now on. I just wanna learn and help, in order to make my little fifa a better place to be. In example, since i love Serie A, i added several kits to teams like roma or napoli, just to add some spice to my career mode.

Thanks again to jmmontoro, who gladly helped me, so this tutorial is kinda a retribution to the good people on this forum who are always willing to help.

Note: You can find me over skype as Radiocasehead also on origin as Radiocasehead, so add me if you wanna share thoughts or knowledge about FIFA 15 edition :ewan:.


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One behalf of the 99% of people around here who will never bother to read this, and who will instead just start a new thread asking how to edit kits, thank you. Joking yet serious, just ask regularcat about creating tutorials and how many people read them. ;-)

Great tutorial man regardless. Well done.


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Thanks for the support mr B... and maybe u right... i think u right, but its ok. I just had the time at the office to pull it out toghether and why not? Maybe ill help someone after all =)

Btw i manage to insert minikits xD lol so ill add the steps to the tut later...


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Question: Some people here create kit files that are not in rX3 format. How does one go about turning them into an rX3 so as to be able to use them? I asked in one of the modding threads but nobody ever answered. Do you know? Also, are the rx3 files in FIFA 15 a different size? If I find kit files from FIFA 13, do I need to change the size in order to use them in FIFA 15? Thanks.


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You can use rx3 master available with file master, bangus. :) just open the rx3 file (which you can extract from the game) then import the pngs into it. rename the file if necessary and then go about using this guy's tutorial

i hope that helps


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krisaju95;3747743 said:
You can use rx3 master available with file master, bangus. :) just open the rx3 file (which you can extract from the game) then import the pngs into it. rename the file if necessary and then go about using this guy's tutorial

i hope that helps

LIke Kris said... rx3 master will do the task.. is easy cause its just importing png´s then save it =)


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There is a program called rx master on moddingway, I downloaded it but couldn't get it to run. So I can just import png files directly into the main files using file master? That program I do have and it runs fine. Thanks guys.


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yeah you need file master as well to run rx3 master. rx3 master alone does not run


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ohhh right, i remeber now. i forgot i had to do that when i got a new pc. thanks for your work on that thread btw


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it does, now I only wait for the right kits. btw to make all boots in the game to be shown in the editor, do I still only need to edit values in boot table from 0 to 1?

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