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Tutorial for game faces for regens and youth players


Youth Team
What you will need:

Internal Master 12
Edit Player option unlocked in FIFA 14
Revolution mod installed in FIFA

1. The pictures in the tutorial are from Player career mode since it is the game mode I play exclusively but the same steps and concepts apply for career mode. If you are playing career mode you can skip the first two steps so long as you find another way to find the regen or youth player's squad number.

2. I am using HarryBullzak's FIFA Infinity Patch v2.20, I think for all FIFA Infinity patches revolution mod is already in place so you don't have to worry about that if you also use the patch.

1. Go to edit player
2. go to the regen's team to ascertain his squad number:
3. open internal master:
4. select the save file:
5. first get teamid:
6. input teamid in teamplayerlinks:
7. rename rx3 files using the id found in internal master and paste to corresponding files in sceneassests
8. go back to edit player and find the regen again to check if he has a face: