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    Open your career save in RDBM and we can start.
    If you don't see career files then you may need to switch this option from SquadFiles to CareerFiles:

    Find your team in teams table by name or by teamid there and you can start the editing process.

    Objectives priority can be changed through editing following fields.
    • Youth Development objective - "youthdevelopment" field
    • Brand Exposure objective - "popularity" field (?)
    • Financial objective - "profitability" field (?)
    • Domestic success objective - "domesticprestige" field
    • Continental success objective - "internationalprestige" field
    You can use the values from 1 to 10. Where 1 is a very low priority and 10 is a critical priority.
    Unfortunately, these fields may also impact other aspects of the game.
    For example, domestic prestige and profitability is used in the player wage calculation formula.

    After you are done, save the career in RDBM and load the file in game.

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