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[TUT] How to add player (wonderkids) to existing career


Club Supporter
During your journey with FIFA you have probably encountered many situations where EA has added a new wonderkid to the game, but you have already played a couple of seasons in your main career save and you don't want to start over again.

In this tutorial, I'll describe how I've added Ansu Fati to my main career save.


If you have never used live editor tool then read the getting started guide here

1. First, find out what is the playerid that you want to add. I usually use sofifa. As far as I know the playerid is not displayed on the mobile device, so keep that in mind.

According to the sofifa, Ansu Fati playerid is 253004

If you will use wrong playerid then you will not have the player miniface and possibly unique animations/celebrations if the player have any.

2. Now it's time to generate a player with mentioned playerid. FIFA has a built-in mechanism that is responsible for creating players. It's our youth academy. Each time your scouts brings you new players, the game must generate them and add them to the database. I've written a script for live editor that abuse this, telling the game to generate a player with playerid I(you) want. The script is called Generate players with custom ID. Use it to create a player with ID: 253004. This will give us a player with same miniface. More detailed description of the script usage can be found here

If your game is crashing at this point then you have a player with the playerid that you want to generate already. Playerid must be uqniue.

3. promote him to your senior team. You may need to edit his age to be able to do that.

4. Save your career (and make backup of it)

5. Open your career file in RDBM and latest squad file in another RDBM instance

6. In both RDBM windows find player with playerid == 253004 in players table

7. Now, carefully copy each field, one by one, from squad file to your career file. So, firstnameid should be 34993, lastnameid should be 34994 etc etc.. You can skip the fields you don't need ofc. (You can save some time if you will export and import table)

8. You may also need to add missing dcplayernames. For Ansu it will be 34993, 34994, 34995

9. After you have added missing names to dcplayernames you can remove the record from editedplayernames in your career file (Select record and press Cancel Record in RDBM)

10. Save career file in rdbm

11. Load your career in game

12. Done.