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Turkish Leagues Patch v2.2 2023-2024 Season Update TU17.1 Released


Club Supporter
Facepack mod is not working for me, is there anything i need to change from live editor or something? or is it just broken?


Club Supporter
I couldn't even pass the first season. i simulated a few matches. then when I try to play the game kicks me out and returns to the desktop. I'm experiencing a huge disappointment. the patch is truly fantastic but this game-crashing issue is driving me crazy


Club Supporter
Hi Erhan, I placed the Squads file into the Settings folder, but it's not appearing in the game. TU15.
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Club Supporter

When I try to install it gives this error.


Club Supporter
Brother is very successful, but some of the football players' faces are wrong. (Bakambu, Arda Güler... ) and 1-2 football players in the super league look like ghosts on the field.

Riazor Facemaker

Club Supporter
Hey bro, I'm trying to move Göztepe into a different stadium (Neder), but when I change it, the crowd starts wearing the free agent shirt instead of the club shirt. Do you know how to fix??


Club Supporter
This is an amazing mod, thank you so much ! Is there an updated squad file with ziyech, davidson sanchez, etc.. ?