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I make advertising boards. I have decided to make a thread to share them
I have made adboards for my own use before but I have never posted any. I accept all requests and anyone is free to post logos or pictures of matches to help me make adbords. Comments are not only welcome they are wanted. I like to know how I can improve
Anyone is welcome to use any of them if they want...

There is a tutorial at the top of the next page for those that need to know how to import adboards


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Thanks for the comment, I appreciate the encouragement. I will do some of the Premiership (Arsenal supporter here) but right now I am focusing on La Liga because I have never seen a spanish adboard in these forums.

So without further ado, here is my first teampack:

Club Atlético de Madrid

Please feel free to try them out and let me know what you think...


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Ok, fair enough. Would be great just to see a pack of premiership adboards, rather than for individual teams as I use the same adboards for every premiership team.

Fantastic Athletico boards btw


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I will do Getafe, soon. But first, how about the other team in Madrid.

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol

I put alot of time into this pack because I know many of you like this club :)


nice madrid adboars, he use a new adidas +10 for example: Soladado+10

P.D:getafe is of madrid xD


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How does that look? I changed it from the old-school adidas to the Adidas +10 logo. Look better?

Ok, about Getafe Adboards(my next project)

Here is my list of sponsors (maybe a spaniard can add to this list)

-Joma ( i have the logos)
-Verificaciones PSG ( i have them)
-Marca ( i have)
-Montejava ( i have)
-Junkers ( i have)
-Lujisa suministros electros ( i have)
-Grupo Europa Viajes ( i have)
-Opcion ( i need)
-Mahou (i have)

+++I see that Getafe has a new sponsor on the front of their Kits for the
upcoming season, does anyone know what company that it is??++++

I hope to have the Getafe adboards made by the weekend. Cheers :) Please comment on what you see, if you so desire...


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I reposted all of the adboards after making minor changes. Also, I responded to a couple of PMs and Kanu's post in regards to adboard textures. I wish that I could follow all of your advice but I just don't have the software. Here is my first attempt at a Getafe pack. I know that I will have to change some of the sponsors whenever the new ones become available.

Getafe Club de Futbol

One more thing please guys, LET ME KNOW IF NOBODY PLANS TO USE THESE BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF TEXTURE. I won't get my feelings hurt, I just want to know because I will not waste time posting them here.


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The adboards are good but at some you can use only one or two logos...i mean at adidas you used too many logos. Make logos bigger and they will be not so many on a single adboard. Make like at AXN :jambo:


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Great Spanish adboards! Going all straight into my game, Hope you do the remaining Spanish teams (Liga Primera and Segunda) ;)


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@Stephan_BEL- Thanks alot for the comment man. Coming from you it gives me enthusiasm to continue this project. I will definitely make most of the teams in Spain, check back from time to time. Also I just updated the no2 adboard for real madrid, be sure to get the new one.

@AC Milan- Well man, there are a couple of options to import the adboards in the game, here is a quick summary:

-there are 28 sets of adboards in the game (you can add more)
-all of them are located in zdata_26.big
-Every set consist of two files that contain 3 bmps apeice (the images above) They are named t223__xx.fsh and t219__xx.fsh. Most stadiums use the 219 but you need to change them both because some use the 223 (Bernabeu for Real Madrid is an example)
-Many people use a program called Utilities Working, it works pretty good but sometimes it doesnt change both of the adboard files for the number in question.
-The best way and safest way to change the adboards is to use File Master to take the two files out of zdata_26.big and then use fshEd to open the fsh, replace the bmps with mine (click the "import to" button and then "new") then hit update and then save. Then use filemaster to reimport the new fsh files. After that use FatBH builder to regenerate the headers and when its over enjoy.
-Lastly, these adboards are double textured (512x128) which means they are better looking in game. However they also make the computer work harder and sometimes make it crash, especially if you have double textured faces.
If want to use these adboards with no risks, simply resize these bmps to (256x64) and then import them. They will lose some of their quality but will be the original size that the game is used to.

Most(sometimes all) of the teams in a league share the same adboards because they are assigned the same number in the database. For example all of these teams have adboard number 5 because number five is assigned to "Spanish Primera". This means that if you import the Atletico adboards that I have made into the game then all of the spanish teams will use the atletico adboards. So first, you need to assign the team that you want to a unique number. The easiest way to do this is go into the database and assign multiple leagues the same number. Choose leagues that you dont play with too often. I usually combine Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Mexico, the "Rest of the World", US MLS, etc etc. If you combine all of them then you will have new numbers that you can use to give teams a unique number.

Here is a list of the default numbers assigned to different leagues:

1----International teams (or National teams if you prefer)
2----English Premier League
3----Scottish Premier League
4----The 3 English Lower leagues
5----Spanish Liga Primera
6----Spanish Liga Segunda
7----French Ligue 1
8----French Ligue 2
9----Italian Serie A ( except for Inter, Fiorentina, and Roma)
10---Italian Serie B
11---Belgian Jupiler League
12---Danish Superliga
13---Norweigan Tippaligaen
14---Dutch Eredivisie
15---Swedish Allsvenskan
16---Austrian Bundesliga
17---Swiss Axpo Superliga
18---German Bundesliga (1 and 2)
19---AC Sparta Prague
20---Classic XI, World XI, "Rest of the World"
21---Some National Teams
22---AS Roma
23---American Major League Soccer
24---Mexican Primera
25---Portuguese Superliga
26---Polish Elistraska
27---Inter Milan

I may be wrong about a few, I have made so many changes to my game that I can't remember the originals all too well.


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tute10 said:
please make villarreal,
than thanks and good luck

Villarreal Club de Fútbol

I experimented with a textured background on these. I think the white adboards are in the greatest need of one. Thanks to Chrisbor15 for the texture. Please comment on the new use of texture.


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No comments? Well I am happy with the way the packs are turning out. So if and when anyone checks out this thread there will be screenshots of the last two team packs I made, so that you can see how they look in game too.


.....and Villarreal