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...and with the rotating boarded template

If you guys like my work, help me out by rating my thread. I got a late start this year but I plan on posting alot of stuff here.
Any flags or adboards that you want to request just do so :)


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why is on chelski adboards? they have nothing to do with chelski more like man city. do chelski adboards really have thomascook on them?

regardless amazing adboards


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@ Lordspawn- Yes Thomas Cook is the sponsor on Man City's shirt but it appears at Stamford Bridge too:) I make the packs while I watch the game I have recorded so they are always authentic. For example, Newcastle's shirt have Northern Rock but you will see Northern Rock on advertising boards all around the premiership....

@Lil Matty, sure I will make Everton next....:)...and psot them in all the templates

Thanks alot for posting your comments


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Just amazing stuff you've made here mate, it looks simply fantastic!! (Y) :D

The adboards are great and I love the Puma fonts! (Y)

Keep making more goodies! :amika:

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outstanding work Tremiki, keep it up!

btw, im a big time noob here. How dow you install these into the game?

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Tremiki99;2473289 said:

Great Great Great adboards!! :D All fantastic and I REALLY like your templates!
I was wondering if you would/could post your templates? (Especially the digital one from the qoute above) :)


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Amazing adboards !!! They're just perfect . Can you please make Arsenal adboards . I'd love it if you would try some La Liga ones as well .



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RUbin Kazan Flags

This summer I've been watching the Russian Premier League, and I must say, it is a quality league. Many threads have contributed to making the league on FIFA 08, and here is my contribution; the flags for the current table toppers FK Rubin Kazan. I know they are not the best quality, but I havent seen any done yet. Let me know if you want any flags for other russian or other teams, I am in a flag mood.