TreMiki Advertising Co. (adboards)


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Thanks for the compliments guys. Alright Carrick, West Ham will be my next set, stay tuned. I have footage of their home match with Man City, so I can definitely make a good pack for the hammers. :)


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Nice adboards. They look great in game!

I was at Emirates last week vs. Fulham and saw some ad boards there that had the famous places where Arsenal celebrated title successes. They were white on red background with the text

WHL 71 Anfield 89 Old Trafford 02 WHL 04.

I have tried to find pics without any luck.

Have you seen these? Or can you make them?


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Very nice adboards!

Yes, I would also like to see what beekolme described. Arsenal electronic adboards would be superb!


Do NOT give me Upton Park stadium.
Thanks so much mate!

Fantastic adboards, the best West Ham pack there is

Much appreciated! (H)

all the best,


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Yes! TreMiki is back. Wonderful adboards mate I'm making a premiership pack for the 07/08 season and I would love to have your adboards in it. What do you think?


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Hi Tre'!
Just wanted to tell you that my internet connection has been down the past week so I haven't been able to make any adboards as promised. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.