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so i'm playing with arsenal right, and during the summer trasnfer window im trying to sign Bacari Sagna from AJ Auxerre and it keeps denying me and when i go into negotiation history it says Auxerre does not have enough players even though they have more than enough!, is there any way to fix this?.

The same thing happened with my hometown team, i was going to sign Camara from les verts and Bourillon from Rennes and they both said they didnt have enough players when they had more than enough.

so please if there is a way to fix this, help me out.

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I think it just means that they don't want to sell anyone else. Happened to me with Lahm, I got Podoloski, and wanted to getm Lahm as well, but they woukldn't sell him, they bought a replacement for both them (luckily) in the Jan window, but still wouldn't sell.

So take that as: We don't wanna sell, end of.