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Friend can you make such logos for English League?


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It's easy. Open TVLogos file with any program (cgfe or jenkeys tool) and export texture.
In photoshop just replace with your textures.


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I am using only CGFS.
And TV Logos folder is separated from overlays. So you wont loose your scoreboard or get mess.

Can you give me link of your?

Wilfried Gaucher

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Okay, my idea is to complete something like total graphic patch with all UEFA leagues and cups playable in FIFA 16 which will inculde everything we can have in game - Movies/intros, Scoreboards and popups and TV logos. Some leagues probably hard to find intros but we can use old ones.
About scoreboards some of them will be similar to real ones (cause i am not good to create special shapes - i dont have too much time for photoshop tutorials). But better than nothing. Also popups will have some bugs like team score color, not perfect graphic look but i dont care too much better than nothing again.
And about TV logos, i think its best to use default broadcast rights by country. Example for each country their own TV broadcasters logo. Example Greece superleague Nova sport etc.

So i will need your assistance for images, tv logos, to find also which logo should we use etc. And to find some intros.

OK, in first post i will make downloads with links.

BELGIUM Jupiler League download
FRANCE Ligue 1 download

GREECE Super League download
ITALY Serie A download

NETHERLANDS Eredivisie download

POLAND Ekstraklasa download

SWITZERLAND Superleague download

this pack work in fifa 15?


Amazing! I have textures from other leagues exported from pes, do you want me to send them to the private or here?


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Works great have you got europa and champions league mate?

I am working on them. I should release them before next matches! I am not happy with CL textures.

Anyone have good CL textures from pes or from web?

Hey mate, would it be too much if I requested you this one?
I'll try to make the graphics for you if it would be easier for you

I saw that and i really like it! I will put on my to do list.


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UEFA Europa League all credits go for scoreboard maker he did amaizing job! Only popups. TV Logo you should use your own. @pao4ever can you re-edit your Europa League intro? It's too loud at some point. Thanx!


This is my second version. I must do corections for some stuff because of bad colors (substitutions etc).

I will try to finish CL later.
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