Total graphic patch [MoviesGDB/ScoreboardsGDB/TVLogosGDB]


Youth Team
Here is CL updated

I will start working on EL to update some stuff also. Should be available before matches in thursday.

I dont have motivation for editing. Not so much for editing as for 16 gameplay. It became boring for me.


Youth Team
Just to inform you that EL is imposible to update because it will need hex editing and i cant find right color code in files (substitutions, goal scorers, cards etc) so there is no point updating it. I am fine how it looks now, and i can only update result on middle screen to change color to black at least.


Hi man, I may not have much to do, but do you know how to change the colors and backgrounds of the menus?


Club Supporter
I have a question if transfers or players are created in the game or patch to the game, then the graphic design, scoreboard and tv logo will not cause deletion?

Greetings :)


Youth Team
Sorry man, i am out with free time. When i have it i usualy play.
Also i have some list to do and for updates but eventually.
I would like to do a lot of them but unfortunately time is problem.