[Tool] FIFA File Explorer (coming soon)


Youth Team
:innocent_smile_1: I started making my first editing tool for FIFA.

Screenshot :

Features :
  • Support : .big, .rx3, .dds, .bh ...
  • Import, export with 10 popular picture format : png, bmp, tif, tga, dds ...
  • Import, export file
  • Hex editor
  • ...

Download :

Recommended :
  • Alway run tool as Administrator in Windows Vista, 7 & 8
Any suggestions are welcome.


Starting XI
Audio editor! I've wanted to switch up the various stadiums' crowd sounds for the longest time. Great work, looking forward to it.


Youth Team
vivimilan;3267711 said:
wow great tool Jenkey :) happy u are working and for fifa :)

thanks mate, glad to see you here

rafat_elhagaan;3267959 said:
wow gr8 tool waiting

thank you.

Jammee;3268024 said:
looks wonderful! I wish you started making it a year ago :D

acctualy I want to make it 2 years ago but pes editing was still exciting. :innocent_smile_1:

ledatcr2;3268096 said:
come from Viet Nam ? PES Editor Master ?

nice question here,
I'm from Japan. I can speak Vietnamese anyway cause I was living there until 14 years old.

xyrho_44;3268105 said:
yeah!! Jenkey is coming to FIFA
i use you Mega Selector Tool for PES. thx mate

That's my pleasure

xvs80;3268125 said:
Great work Jenkey congrats!
Can you tell me how can I add anthems for teams?
add anthems for what ?
I cant get a point.


Club Supporter
Jenkey please can you make it to work with fifa 11?

If you have free time and it is easy for you, could you create a programme which will help us to convert kits and faces from fifa 11 to fifa 12 and from fifa 12 to fifa 11?

Thanks :)


Senior Squad
jschuck12001;3268242 said:
Another PES editor moving to FIFA, nice tool glad to see you getting involved.

Let´s rock the house :bob:

@jenkey1002 nice work hope you´ll release more of your great tools (Y)


Youth Team
sahib;3269086 said:
welcome mate...wat does this tool do???

sorry i m not getting it???

It's for import, export file or texture, similar with FIFA Texture Editor. Just take a look at screenshot in 1st post you will understand.

$ido (F|G);3268894 said:
Let´s rock the house :bob:

@jenkey1002 nice work hope you´ll release more of your great tools (Y)

My team is working on "FIFA file server" tool for FIFA12. It is the same as famous Kitserver addon of PES's series.


Youth Team
GuyxPagaz;3269104 said:
btw i suggest you to add options to edit kits and faces, like in cm.

.rx3 unpacking is in researching. hopeful It will coming in next beta. (Y)

Evolution;3269262 said:
Would the tool open the overlay files so edits such as scoreboards and pop-ups can be done?

like this ?