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roma/PSv will come in near future not feeling to well lately so im not making any fonts right now plus i can use CM 09 rto import my own fonts and stuff so i dont really play fifa 09 on pc right no cause my bro put 64 bit vista on his comp so cm 09 wont work.

so dunno when i will release psv/roma fonts


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Yup, I made them allready. Lord I hope you dont mind I post it here but I have no other thread at FIFA09 Editing Forum. Thnx :)

Ajax 09/10:


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@simo montorio,

My Beta ones are done now...but of course thelordspawn will make them better than me I already know, just tryin to help out.

Check my boot thread guys if you're looking for them.



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Keegan;2711223 said:
Nice fonts... off-topic, but what number does Adebayor wear for you guys?
25 in honor of a Former Togo international who died on the pitch in 2007 i think it was cant remember when think his name was kanu.

also is same number he wore at arsenal


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Ah... thanks. (Y) I always thought Nigerian Nwankwo Kanu was his idol. Cheers, dude.