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I'm happy to announce that I am attempting to revive the US Project. I am going to do my best to represent the US Soccer Pyramid in FIFA, which is definitely a unique experience. Currently I am working on creating a blank database in order to clear up room for the vast amount of teams I plan to have.

So what will the US Project include?
- All US Men's Pro and Semi-Pro teams from Tier 1 to 5
- The US Open Cup

What could possibly be included
- Amateur Men's Leagues (State and Regional)
- Women's Leagues

What will not be included?
- Colleges, I am unable to include colleges since the NCAA would SUE my ass into outer space if I did.
- High Schools, WAY TOO MANY!!! I'm talking about a couple of thousand high schools at the minimum.

With that being said, any help would be appreciated. I'm setting up a Twitter page and creating a rudimentary art package for the Project. This will be a pretty big project, but I think y'all will love it!


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