The SG MZ Knockout Cup: First Round Draw


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Originally posted by myfatcat
I'm going to ask - no PLEAD with Larry...

IF me and Medz both get through.... draw us together. Please.

Yep i will see. The first round draw was made by two piles of papers, taking on from each at a time.

I will see :), but most probably it can be done. Dont count your chickens though. Get out there and win your games first...


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Well there seem to be two points raised here.

1) The fact that this competition can be riged. Larry picking who plays who at peoples request.

2) Fatcat not wanting to play in round three. I mean you would think he would be sick of me beating him by now.

Oh and i beat Subvert City Devils today which must back up my claim to be:

Medz the Giant Killer :alex:


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Originally posted by Mutt
ok sent out my challenges to mr monkeyhappy... dunno what to expect ...
well i was very well ranked once upon a time, but my team took a decrease in the time i left a bit!i had 0.0 form like 2 days ago but its changed now, in the last month i spent about 500k on 2 new players (H)


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Teams Through To Round 2
Glen Iris Rangers
Primate United

Teams Knocked Out
FC Mount
Sin Football Club
Mini Inamotos


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drew 2 all at home .. 16 shots to 8... lol.. i scored a penalty in the 93rd minute.... -awaits away leg-


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ok drew 2nd leg 0-0 .... 8 sc's to 3... so what now? 2-2 on aggregate.... both games drawn? ... play another 2?

edit: i read rules and away goals apply.. congrats to the victor... i go away once again being unlucky.. i hate mz now...


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Originally posted by Larry
Drew first leg 2-2 at home. Now going to his stadium for the away game. Should be great (H)

yeah, wasnt bad (H) lol im through 2-2 then 4-0 :rockman:

EDIT: so who's next for FC Compostela? ;)

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Well played my B tactic away from home, got beat 3-2. Expected an easy win at my stadium so I played my C tactic. My striker got sent off in the 9th minute...4 Sc's each and they win 0-1??? This game defies logic sometimes.