The most extensive request list


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Hey guys...

Hopefully as mentioned, EA producers will be reading this forum and seeing what us fans would like to have on the games.

It seems easy for us to request thousands of things and hope that they implement them, but I believe most of us understand the hard thing that it is to completely revamp some situations on the game while trying to continue the FIFA style.

It’s probably hard for them in the spam of a year to tweak gameplay, update player names and faces, as well as player style of play and be able to implement all of the other changes we’ve been requesting.

Regardless, I believe that it’s valid to request a lot of things and if it doesn’t come in this console generation, let’s hope it comes true in the next console generation.

My request list will be very extensive, and while I don’t think it can all be implemented in FIFA 2006, I believe they are what can make the realism of the game better. The other thing I think some of these can be implemented in 2006 because it doesn’t require that much change, but the others might.

1. I would like to see a change in the gameplay style. The most blatant problem I still see in FIFA 2005, although it’s almost all gone, is to have players usually defending intercept the ball from a through ball, a long pass or a cross and be able to kick it or head it into the opposite direction extremely fast and strong. If you understand what I’m describing, it’s the most stupid thing that can ever happen, it’s absolutely unrealistic.
A player cannot manage to turn 180 degrees or sometimes just kick it with the back of the foot, a ball that was almost inside the box and be able to have it cleared all the way to the CF up front. I’m sorry EA, but that’s just absolutely impossible physics, and it still happens.
Other areas of gameplay would include having the AI on my own team tweaked a little more, so that the team accompanies the player that has the ball strategically, so that when I’m moving my CAM or CF I have my wing players follow me and I don’t need to stop the ball and wait or use Off-the-ball to make them run, I mean, they should accompany me all along.
The other thing about gameplay would be to perfect a more fluid style of play. I believe that has been happening consistently since FIFA 04, so keep going.

2. The second thing I want to talk about is the on-the-pitch game situations. For example, the substitutions in FIFA 05 seem to never happen, there’s not even the names on the screen mentioning that players were substituted or so, adding animations for substitutions would look pretty nice as well. So would animations of the bench.
Another situation would be corners. I should choose whether I want to be the kicker or the receiver of a corner, what if I want to try and score a goal from a corner? Should I not be able to do that?
I should also be able to choose players that will kick the PK if the game has tied.
What happened to EMPTY STADIUMS in home stadiums where teams were not doing so well? It seems that every game I play with any team, the stadium is always full.
Adding extra animations for warm-ups before the game, winning a cup or a title, and scoring goals would be a plus.
A REF ON THE PITCH at all times. C’mon is that too hard? Is it unlockable? because I didn’t see that in FIFA 04.
There are many more situations that happen in a real footy game that could be put it, but I think they are not essential as these.

3. Career Mode. I mean, what happened to team training and individual training in career mode??? The player should be able INSIDE CAREER MODE to choose a player from their own team and train them individually (NOT JUST AS A CLICK OF A BUTTON OPTION), but actually take the player to the pitch and do some runs and exercises to perfect a player’s ability (ESPECIALLY YOUNG PLAYERS). It frustrates me that my SCOUTING guy is offering me these very bad players for our team to buy, but I can’t make them better with training.
The same goes for team training ON THE PITCH with different runs and exercises. NOT JUST TRAINING FREE KICKS, CORNERS, PK and freestyle training…
The other thing about career mode is the simulation of games to go FASTER. Also, the simulation has TOO MANY FOULS AND INJURIES, c’mon, does that happen to players at almost every game? I don’t think so…
The other thing about career mode is the manager’s ability to manage more of the club outside the pitch, INCORPORATE MORE MANAGEMENT OPTIONS.
15 years seem to be nice for CAREER, but there should be an option for teams to negotiate players during these 15 years, not just my team negotiating. So let’s say that for the 2008 season Adriano goes from INTER de MILAN to BARCELONA, and etc.. even if I do not manage the team… JUST SOME GUESS TRANSFERS, BUT IT WOULD MAKE IT BETTER THAN JUST RETIRING PLAYERS.
A little more interaction with the board of directors and the press, not just a half a page of news… you know what I mean?
INSIDE CAREER MODE, more tournaments that would be similar to COPA LIBERTADORES, UEFA CUP and stuff, for most leagues… A team would classify to COPA LIBERTADORES if it is within the first four in the ranking of the leagues (brazilian, Mexican, argentinian etc…)

4. Other tournaments that would benefit from CAREER would be if a MANAGER HAS DONE WELL IN A CLUB TEAM, to be invited to coach a NATIONAL TEAM in a league or a tournament. AND DO A SMALL CAREER MODE EMBEDDED WITH NATIONAL TEAMS. Be able to recruit players, train and play.

5. SOUNDS. I believe that European teams have a pretty good fan chants going on, it could be made more realistic DEPENDING ON SIZE OF STADIUM or so, with more or less echo and more or less people singing…
For other teams, especially brazilian, more real chants. I mean, I am a fan of CORINTHIANS and THERE IS NOT A SINGLE CHANT FOR THEM… That’s just stupid… WHY IS THAT? There are a lot of real chants to record for these teams, for Corinthians and other teams, more of the chants from here… IF YOU GUYS WANT, just fly me there and I’ll record these chants for all brazilian teams, THERE ARE LOTS MORE CHANTS FOR BRAZILIAN TEAMS, ESPECIALLY CORINTHIANS.
Since you can hear the voice of “players” or the “manager”, it would be something to hear the goalie screaming “right, left,” during a Free kick, and even the REF when giving out a card or so…

6. ANIMATIONS. PLEASE, PLEASE FIX THE PHYSICS OF THE NET… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…. Also make the nets realistic to the stadium it is in, whether it’s size, color or shape.
Maybe this is more for the next generation of consoles… put more realistic eye and head movement when with the ball, more expressions of pain, anger, happiness, etc… Also THE HAIR… MAKE IT REAL… MAKE IT MOVE… maybe on PS3 I don’t know…

7. PERFECT OFF-THE-BALL, I think it is a great addition, but it could be made better. That goes well to saying stuff about OFFSIDES, please the offside should be called when the ball comes off the passer’s foot, not when the receiver touches the ball, I’ve had VARIOUS experiences when I didn’t hear the ref stop the game because of offsides and hoped that when the ball fell on the feet of the receiver I could score, only to notice that as soon as it touched his feet the offside was called. C’mon, it’s not hard to fix that…

8. KEEP THE MENUS AS THEY ARE, especially looking at player fatigue and morale… DON’T completely change it, the 2004 menu WAS HORRIBLE, don’t go back to that.

9. ADD more weather effects, more windy, really heavy rain, EVEN SNOW…
10. KEEP FIGHTING FOR LEAGUES AND TEAMS, We keep paying you $50 bucks every year… so justify it…

11. MORE PLAYER ANIMATIONS on-the-pitch. RUNNING STYLE (ROBERTO CARLOS), kicking style, dribbling moves (RONALDINHO, RONALDO signature moves), ALSO MAKE SURE PLAYERS STRONG FOOT is the right one and so on.

12. MORE OPTIONS FOR BOOTS, BALLS, UNIFORMS (not just home, away, but a third one, choice of sock color, etc…) NOT UNLOCKABLE, keep the classic stuff unlockable, even classic balls, shoes, etc…


Don’t forget, the best thing to perfect is GAMEPLAY, make it more fluid, more realistic, ALWAYS!!!!



PS: There’s more things to say, but I think that should be plenty of requests.


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I agree with every word, mate. EA do need to put more effort into this game, Or Else...:f***:


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i can't possibly imagine ea 'having the nerve' of doing something any worse than fifa street..the consequences would be deadly...people will imediately compare fifa street to 2006...

that's why yes, I do bet ea big is producing this game along with fifa regular team...but that doesn't need to be revealed...

imho, there's a clear intention of getting pes fans with fifastreet...just follow the steps..

1. fifa 2005 gets excellent rates from magazines and sites (general rate - 8,5 - 8.75 - historic!!0

2. fifa ucl is released, in the same month that ucl finals happen (fantastic finals, btw...lucky ea, what a promotion!!) with improvements (and a very neat way to collect fans opinions regarding improvements made and that should come)

3. fifa street presents a dreamy proposal about football with famous players we know, besides making digital an ordinary football lover practice - the king of all footballs, street football...

those things can't be coincidence...fifa 2006 it must be worked to be BIG right now...or else...(allow me to complete it)...pes fans that will have a new expectative lighted up, besides fifa's...will get really mad and close doors to ea...

btw...did pierre hintze leave fifa team?

one more...why people here are signed up to this forum and so pessimist?? 90% like!!! what a crazy thing...are brittish people that way??? sorry, just asking...


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valeu Mano marcelo!! salve o timão...tomara q o tevez se entrose logo...e vagner love, gilberto e outros venham... in eng...way to go mano! agree 100%...

but if u think ur list is long...hehee...wait to see mine...

i'll only post it after playing UCL...


there are many things u said, i'll mention too...and some soooo many others...wait...hehee...

and yes...those things can be done in PS2, softhouse used the entire dvd capacity so far...konami promises it for we9...let's see...

btw...menus for ucl seem incredible in the pics...take a look...specially braketime stats...amazing...


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Too right, so with the gameplay & menu improvements on UCL,
There should be NO excuses for an unsatisfactory Fifa 2006, imo.
They need to stop swapping and changing each year, Fifa04 had full match officials & substitution indication, but for some reason they were left out of 05.
The player graphics & goal celebrations were better in 04, too.

Is it so hard just to keep the good elements of a game and improve the bad ? ... :confused:


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i agree

Fala ae tinytim camarada... vamos ver o que da o coringao esse ano ehehehe....

Vc ta no Brasil ou nao???

Well, I would like to say that I believe most of these changes can be made. What really upsets me is the fact that year in and year out EA takes away important features of the games. Why does that happen? As a marketing strategy, EA needs to understand continuity, no customer would be happy to know that a product has been completely revamped year after year and you are having to relearn it more and more, the problem I have with that is the fact I probably understand EA wants to innovate, but please do without making us relearn how to go through the menus and play the game...

It's not hard to notice that it's important to put in substitutions throughout the match, and have them actually show on screen, and the same goes for training modes inside career mode and etc...

Please guys from EA, listen to us... and also make some of these games available to play in american PS2 like total club manager and UEFA CL, I really want to play those games.... I know it may not be feasible as far as ROI is concerned, but make the game work for both and I can still order it from the UK...

I'm one of those nice guys who does not want to change my modchip. EA would like me for that... ahahahah


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maybe games should be cancelled b/c of weather sometimes. might give your players a little longer break


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That's right


I hope you are reading these threads. One of the most important things, I would say, is to make sure that the main focus is on fluidity, gameplay, and real physics.

This should always be the main focus. The players need to do only what is possible through the laws of physics and motion. There are still instances where some unrealistic move or pass or kick happens. I don't know why, but that should be fixed.

Also, add more player animations on the pitch. Maybe a player kicks with the outside of the foot more often than the other way around, when a cross happens especially if it's a long drive shot, the follow through of the leg, an accidental slide, or an extra upperbody motion should happen. Put those things in.

I'd like to say that you can definetely emulate some of the player animations from WE 8 and just do the same. They certainly did that for the goal kicks where the animation is almost exactly the same as FIFA.



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Or else what...

Originally posted by Shaft085
I agree with every word, mate. EA do need to put more effort into this game, Or Else...:f***:

Or else you should buy W11. I already did! Not a perfect game but at least they include awesome game content. I'm just getting used to the gameplay (there is a lot more to playing it than FIFA).;) :p :) (H)


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I buy both games

both games have their strengths and weaknesses. I personally own both and play both.

While it's fun to have awesome game play on WE, their leagues and career mode are really limited compared to FIFA.

So, you can benefit from different things with different games. That's why I'm requesting a lot from FIFA, because they have the most potential to do something great, especially because they have all the rigths for licenses and all that.


1) Gameplay is king. Make it perfect.
2) Player animations on pitch (real physics)
3) AI and strategies
4) Extra on-the-pitch game animations (subs, bench, fans, moving players during free kicks, goal kicks and corners)
6) Actual ref on the pitch at all times (possibility of ball hitting the ref)
7) More career mode options especially for manager (possibility of coaching a national team for a career mode)
8) Individual and team training on-the-pitch, not click button option




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"Another situation would be corners. I should choose whether I want to be the kicker or the receiver of a corner, what if I want to try and score a goal from a corner? Should I not be able to do that?"

I might add, EA should let you set the corner receivers. So for example you're playing with Inter Milan, and you can set the well-heading guys like Córdoba opr Materazzi come forward.


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I agree with all that u said except the following...

"Please the offside should be called when the ball comes off the passer’s foot, not when the receiver touches the ball, I’ve had VARIOUS experiences when I didn’t hear the ref stop the game because of offsides and hoped that when the ball fell on the feet of the receiver I could score, only to notice that as soon as it touched his feet the offside was called."

Actually, according to the "new" (5 years or so old) rule for offside, that is basically the proper behaviour... if you're in an offisde position, you're no longer offside the second the ball is kicked, but the second u interfere with play... (ie touch the ball, screen the goalie, etc... ) The call in FIFA 2005 is not perfect in how it's done, but it's pretty accurate...

(sorry i'm a referee.. i couldn't let that one slip through...) great list, otherwise.


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Originally posted by Northern Canary
FIFA could be an amazing game if EA could be bothered

So, so True .... It,s disgusting really.
Especially when you play Fifa05, and see the potential in the game. :(


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that's ok

let's not worry about that so much, I know the problem EA has is to give too much emphasis on the whole pacjage of the game, and I don't really blame them for that, especially for the fifa 05, they were really listening to reviewers of the beta versions and did some great improvements.

I believe they sacrifice what is most important to us (gameplay) to give us the whole package.

I was really bummed with Winning Eleven 8, while gameplay is great, very realistic, and there is a lot of functions and options for the master league, the atmosphere of the game overall is very old. It seems we're still playing a game in the 90's, especially with chants and stuff...

I really love fifa 05, and I just hope the gameplay gets to be more and more fluid, as much as possible, you know?

That is what I like about EA, when you play an EA game, any game at all, it doesn't feel like a game from the 90's if you know what I'm trying to saying, and by the way, their gameplay is getting close to matching WE8...

Let's hope that keeps happening...

Please listen to us EA...


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I think a new and more deeper career mode, like Having Contracts, Bosman Free Transfers, Contract Release, Trades, also an OFF season, where you can upgrade your Stadium with Pub's, Cup holders, Luxury Suites, Better Quality Turf, New Big Screens, and also a Free Agent Section. Also Weather types like Snow, and sleet should be added, and for eg a game starting at 5:00 pm will end aobut 7-7:30 pm with the daylight changing to night at half time, some Half time Cut scenes will be nice.

Better Celebrations winning trophies, like big fireworks, confetti etc. And also seeing the pitch wearing out as the game goes on like the mark when you fall over and footsteps etc.

Real Life Manager scenes will be nice, like replicas of the real current coaches, not just players which they do this in Madden NFL 2005. Tunnel Scenes will be nice also.

Big Rivalries should have gigantic banners and confetti also etc.

That's all i've got for the moment, i'll come up with some more later.


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One of my dissapointments in Fifa05, is the lack of effort put into cup winning celebrations.
Whats with that stupid player pose s£*t! ?...

In the early fifa,s, it was brilliant to watch your team lift the trophy, then parade it around the stadium at the end.
If EA can put that level of detail into the game about 8 or 9 years ago, whats the problem today ?...
As well as improving a lot of elements of the game, they seemed to have taken out a lot of the fundimental things of it.
Things like the Officials and substitutions ... There was a time where you actualy saw a cut- scene of the substitution taking place.
It all adds to the realism of the game, and all cut scenes can easily be skipped by pressing the pass or reset button, anyway.


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A few more requests

All great suggestions, some of which I have echoed in previous posts. What I've learned about the FIFA series is that they can only make incremental improvements to where they eventually want to be at.

One feature, (PLEASE READ EA), I would love in terms of game play is a toggle to switch from your default view (tele, broadcast, sideliine, etc.) to one where the camera is right above and behind your player with the ball. This would be incredibly helpful for any one-on-one situations, especially with the goal keeper. This would also allow the user to enjoy the graphic details of a player and the interactiveness with their moves.

With career mode, they really need to incorporate more of the funds rewards that accur in the real world. In FIFA 05, you don't receive any extra funds for getting your team promoted to a top flight division, which is rediculous of course.

I would also hope one day career mode can venture into managing national teams. So yes, incorporate the world cup.