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The Inter Milan Thread [2006/2007]

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Da Kid

Senior Squad
Harmsworth1;2302993 said:
Difficult to say... All serie A teams are of a good calibre, no match is easy, no match....
fo` shizzle (H)

I am really curious how will inter win next year title with juve and milan in serie A again


Team Captain
Inter equalize with Palermo after being down 0-2

Cruz and Adriano with the goals in the seconds half.


Senior Squad
Nice match. if this team decides to play to full potential, well, its very difficult to stop. Well, I hope we win over roma next wednesday! That would mean the 15th scudetto!


Senior Squad

Im so happy for Inter fans...they deserved this!!!

And of course, congratulations to all the Southamericans players...specially for Javier Zanetti.


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Wooooooooohooooooooo im sure you all forgot about me but i had to make a return to this site after Inter's 15th scudetto! After all the torment this team gets for underacheiving we can finally say we are the Champions of Italy!!



Team Captain
Woah very nice game today (INTER VS LAZIO)

ended 4-3 for inter with three goals from Crespo and one from Materazzi

Lazio led 2-0, then we tied, then they scored another and we ended up winning 4-3

Nice performance considering we played with some reserve/2nd team players

I'm also happy Recoba played, but he was subbed off in the second half when we started playing more on the wings and crossing. He was in the centre of the field so he couldn't be efficiend with the quick short passes he is so good at in the middle.


Senior Squad
I don't understand why the Italian cup final is a two game home and away thing. It should be at a neutral ground so that a team is not in the position of stratigizing depending on which fixture they have first.

At least Roma took advantage of Milan and Juventus' absence this season (I know that it's a cup competition and not league but still).


Fan Favourite
as much as I love Suazo 33 mill is ******* insane....that faggoty assed prez of Cagilari is shafting us hardcore....it can't possibly be us making that offer.

He'd pair up so well with all of our strikers, man.

Moratti, please get 'er done, but not at that exorbitant price tag.
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