The Inter Milan Thread [2006/2007]

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No of course not. What I mean is he still has it in him.
Obviously he can't do what he used to, but the knowledge and experience are there.


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Mancini's Squad For Inter V Sampdoria

Roberto Mancini has named the following 20-player squad for Saturday evening's Serie A Week 2 match against Sampdoria (Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, kick-off at 20:30:
Goalkeepers: 1 Francesco Toldo, 12 Julio Cesar Soares

Defenders: 2 Ivan Ramiro Cordoba, 4 Javier Zanetti, 6 Maxwell, 11 Fabio Grosso, 13 Maicon, 23 Marco Materazzi, 25 Walter Samuel, 77 Marco Andreolli

Midfielders: 5 Dejan Stankovic, 7 Luis Figo, 14 Patrick Vieira, 15 Olivier Dacourt, 21 Santiago Solari, 50 Ibrahim Maaroufi, 91 Mariano Gonzalez

Strikers: 8 Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 10 Adriano, 18 Hernan Crespo


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Training In The Rain

Photos of Thursday morning's training session at a rainy Angelo Moratti Sports Centre:

It's all smiles at Angelo Moratti Sports Centre despite the rainy weather

Roberto Mancini's assistant coach Sinisa Mihajlovic

Mancini gives instructions to his players

Francesco Toldo makes a diving save

Aerobic work with Giannicola Bisciotti

Training in the rain


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Part one of Roberto Mancini's pre-Inter v Sampdoria news conference:

Mancini, have you got over Tuesday's defeat at Sporting Lisbon?
"We are over the Lisbon defeat. We didn't play a great game and we should not have lost. We didn't do much to win and we were probably feeling the tiredness of the game in Florence. Sporting didn't do much, and got the goal just before Vieira's sending-off. But it's a match lost and we have five more in the Champions League so we can still recover. Now we just have to concentrate on tomorrow evening's match against Sampdoria."

Has the Lisbon defeat made you think about reviewing your tactics?
"No, because I don't think it's very important to talk about a diamond formation in midfield or a three- or four-man defence. What counts is the spirit with which you face certain matches. Sometimes you don't play a great match and don't put yourself in a position to win. This happened to Inter in Lisbon, but we should have been a bit more careful and tried not to lose. But sometimes this happens, and we weren't one hundred percent. This goes for all the other (Italian) teams. Sporting are perhaps a bit further ahead than us because they started their championship earlier and because of the characteristics of their players, who are all small, rapid and fast. We played with a diamond formation because we had done well with it in two matches. But absolutely nothing changes."

Do you intend to change formation against Sampdoria and play with a 4-4-2?
"We always play with a 4-4-2, the men are always the same. Most of the time we play with a four-man midfield line, but we have also used a diamond formation a few times to give players like Figo the chance to be more incisive with his plays because he is a player who can be more useful in certain games."

Were the players perhaps convinced they had already won when they came on to the pitch in Lisbon?
"No, I don't think so. You should always be convinced you can win going on to the pitch. This is the right mentality and it should always be like this. But sometimes you don't play well, and we didn't in Lisbon."


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Part two of Roberto Mancini's pre-Inter v Sampdoria news conference:

What more can you do to get Adriano back to being the striker we all know?
"I do for Adriano what I do for the others. I try to be close to him and do everything I can help him do well. But I do the same thing for each one of my players. It is not good if we keep on talking about just one player. Adriano did what he had to do the other evening and neither him, Figo or Ibrahimovic are to blame if we lost in Lisbon. The whole team didn't play a great match. In fact, Adriano had a scoring chance and the goalkeeper did very well. It's wrong to keep on talking about just one player."

For a while now Adriano hasn't managed to perform like he has in past years. Does this worry you?
"I am convinced he has the qualities to do well. Unfortunately you sometimes don't manage to do well. We can't always blame Adriano every time things aren't going well. This is totally wrong. I hope he returns to being what he was before. We all hope so and we are all close to him."

So is Adriano no longer a first-choice player in Inter's attack at the moment?
"I absolutely did not say this."

So is he on the same level as Ibrahimovic, Crespo, Cruz and all the other Nerazzurri strikers?
"That's right."

Why does Adriano move away from the goal and go wide in search of the ball. Do you ask him to do this?
"All these tales are lies and are completely untrue. Adriano is a striker, and every centre-forward in the world goes looking for the ball everywhere unless he's a classic striker who waits in the penalty area. It's hard to get the ball if you don't have certain characteristics and stop and wait. Adriano

In your post-match comments after Sporting v Inter you said that Ibrahimovic and Crespo are more compatible in attack at the moment. Could you explain this remark so we don't misinterpret it?
"I just meant that Crespo is in better form at the moment. Looking at the general state of fitness and considering that Hernan is a classic penalty-area striker who knows how to move in certain situations, Ibra and Crespo is the best pairing until Adriano, Crespo and Ibrahimovic get to know one another better. Also because Ibra and Adri have played two games together and have to get to know each other, and the same goes if I play Adri and Crespo because they don't know each other very well. What counts is the type of player and his fitness. But Ibra and Adri will do well when they're in top condition and know each other a bit more."

Since Adriano is not in top physical condition, is it better for him to play to gain confidence, or be put to one side for now?
"If I decide to field him, Adriano can play. But it's the same for all the others. There are many matches, one every three days, so we also have to change. Also, we have faith in all our players, there's certainly no lack of this."
doesn't have the characteristics of a penalty-area striker so he has to go looking for the ball. But this is something every striker does."


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Part three of Roberto Mancini's pre-Inter v Sampdoria news conference:

Are you worried about the fact that Inter have conceded six goals in their first three matches?

"The defence didn't do badly at all in Lisbon. We only conceded one shot on goal. It would be very good if we always conceded only one shot on goal."

What are you expecting from the team in the game against Sampdoria?
"I expecting the team to do what it did in Florence. The championship is a different competition from the Champions League so it's useless to keep thinking about Tuesday's defeat. We made good starts to the Champions League in the other years and then we went out in the quarter-finals. Let's hope that this time we get to the end after finding it a bit harder at the start. But the game against Sampdoria will be very difficult because they are a tough team to face. We're in for a tough match."

Do you really think that Sampdoria, who haven't won in the championship for a while, can cause problems for Inter tomorrow night?
"Yes. Sampdoria are well organised on the pitch. To win tomorrow evening we have to be very careful and play very well. They might not have won in the championship for a few matches, but I don't think they will come on the pitch not knowing what to do. This has never happened. Every match we have played against them has been very difficult."

What do your choices in attack against Sampdoria depend on?
"On the condition of Adriano and Ibrahimovic today. Compared to last week, we have had an extra day."

Will you also take into account next Wednesday's match against Roma when you make your team selection for tomorrow?
"No. Right now we are concentrating on winning the match against Sampdoria. From Sunday we will start thinking about Roma."

Maicon and Grosso have similar characteristics. They both have an inclination to defending and, perhaps even more so, to attacking. With the team still to find its best lineup, could it be too soon to play them together?
"I don't think Grosso is in top athletic condition at the moment, but this is due to the World Cup because those who played in it have found it harder than the others. Also, he has changed team. He has joined a big club and it's not easy to settle in in a month. He has the qualities to do well. He is definitely better at attacking, but he is also very good at defending. Maicon
didn't play at the World Cup. He has great physical qualities, perhaps he can still improve his defending. But they can easily play together. Tomorrow also? Yes."


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Part four of Roberto Mancini's pre-Inter v Sampdoria news conference:

Massimo Moratti has expressed his disappointment over the defeat against Sporting. Have you spoken to him?
"Yes. He expressed his opinion, which is the same as what I said earlier. We didn't play well, so I think the owner of the club is entitled to his own opinion."

There are many matches to play, and maybe there is more psychological pressure on Inter compared to last season. What do you think?
"There is always lots of pressure on Inter. I believe that after any half slip-up or defeat there will be a lot more criticism because this is the game they play with us, even though I honestly don't see why."

Inter are seen as the symbol of Italian football in Europe and the team to beat in Italy...
"These are things they say to try and put a lot more pressure on Inter so that they can be drastic in everything when things aren't going well. Many people are good at doing this. I don't think that Inter is seen as the symbol of Italian football. On the outside Italian football is symbolised by every team from our country playing in European competitions. Perhaps we are seen as a clean team and this could be after everything that has happened in the past months. But Inter have the same chances of winning in Europe as Milan and Roma. I don't think it's as easy as many would have us believe. To really win you have to be very careful and focused in every match."

Don't you think Inter need an extra midfielder? Should you have bought a player after Pizarro's transfer to Roma?
"We didn't want to let Pizarro go. But he made this decision and I think his decisions should be respected because he's a nice lad, a great player, and he thought he would play more in Rome than Milan. And besides, we have brought in Gonzalez and we can move Stankovic to the middle. We will do this until December and see whether we need to intervene in January if we realise we are having problems."


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Match Trivia: Inter vs. Sampdoria

Some Interesting news:

Cordoba set for 200th Serie A appearance
Ivan Ramiro Cordoba will play his 200th Serie A match for Inter in Saturday's home encounter with Sampdoria. The Colombian made his top-flight debut in Inter 5-0 Perugia on 6 January 2000.

Inter on target in 16 consecutive home games
Since the 0-0 home draw with Parma on 12 January 2006, Inter have scored in 16 consecutive matches at the Giuseppe Meazza, netting a total of 35 goals.

Stankovic and goals against Castellazzi
Scorer of 50 goals for Italian clubs, Dejan Stankovic counts Castellazzi as one of his favourite targets with four goals in matches against the Sampdoria keeper. Stankovic has also put four goals past Ballotta, Ferron and Strakosha.

Samp equal negative record
With 4 draws and 10 defeats from their last 14 Serie A matches, Sampdoria have equalled the club's record of 14 matches without a league win set in 1968/69 when they drew 7 and lost 7. Samp 4-2 Messina on 12 February 2006 was the Blucerchiati's last league win.

Blucerchiati unbeaten away in five games
Sampdoria's last away defeat was a 2-1 reverse at Empoli last 9 April. Since that date the Genoan side have played five league and cup matches on the road, winning three and drawing two.

Samp attack prolific in September
Blucerchiati strikers Bonazzoli (11 out of 53) and Quagliarella (6 out of 30) have scored more Italian league goals in September than any other month. Franceschini is also a likely scorer in the ninth calendar month, with 4 of his 20 goals in September. The midfielder has also scored four in January matches.


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Head-To-Heads: Inter vs. Sampdoria

Mancini v Novellino
Roberto Mancini has won 4, drawn 2 and lost 1 of his 7 competitive meetings with Samp coach Walter Novellino. Mancini's teams have scored in all 7 games, netting a total of 11 goals.

2001/02 serie A Fiorentina-Piacenza 1-3 ---- 2003/04 serie A Lazio-Sampdoria 1-1 2-1 2004/05 serie A Inter-Sampdoria 3-2 1-0 2005/06 serie A Inter-Sampdoria 1-0 2-2

Mancini v Sampdoria
In six competitive encounters with Sampdoria, Roberto Mancini has won four times and drawn twice. His teams have netted in all six matches, scoring a total of 10 goals.

2003/04 Serie A Lazio-Sampdoria 1-1 2- 1
2004/05 Serie A Inter-Sampdoria 3-2 1- 0
2005/06 Serie A Inter-Sampdoria 1-0 2- 2

Novellino v Inter
Walter Novellino has collected 1 victory, 3 draws and 7 defeats in his 11 games against Inter. His teams have never won in Milan: 1 draw and 4 defeats from 5 games.

1996/97 Coppa Italia Ravenna-Inter 0-1 ----
1998/99 Serie A Venezia-Inter 3-1 2-6
2001/02 Serie A Piacenza-Inter 2-3 1-3
2003/04 Serie A Sampdoria-Inter 2-2 0-0
2004/05 Serie A Sampdoria-Inter 0-1 2-3
2005/06 Serie A Sampdoria-Inter 2-2 0-1​


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First 10 Minutes: Inter V Sampdoria

10' Parola commits an awful foul on Javier Zanetti as Sampdoria counter down the right wing. No yellow card shown.
9' Stankovic's cross from the left-wing corner flag is punched clear by Blucerchiati keeper Castellazzi.
9' Maicon combines with Gonzalez on the right and then whips in a cross. Maggio clears and Inter win the first corner of the match.
8' Good passing move by Samp in the Inter half. Flachi's shot from 20 yards hits Materazzi in the face.
7' Ibra play a weighted pass into the area for the onrushing Stankovic but Palombo gets the ball first and hooks to safety.
6' Ibrahimovic races on to a Gonzalez pass but commits a foul on Palombo as the two players battle for the ball on the right flank.
5' Maggio breaks down the right after Ibra is dispossessed in the Samp half. Dejan Stankovic gets back to make the tackle.
4' Emiliano Bonazzoli has a go from 30 yards. It's high and wide.
2' Maicon frees Mariano Gonzalez down the right. The Argentine's low cross into the box is cleared by the Samp defence.
1' Sampdoria, playing in their white away kit tonight, kick off. FORZA INTER!!!


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20 Minutes: Inter V Sampdoria

20' Volpi's shot from a free kick takes a slight deflection off Gonzalez. Julio Cesar collects at the left post.
19' Inter's first chance on goal falls to Maicon, whose header from Stankovic's corner is saved by Castellazzi.
18' Another corner to Inter as Gonzalez has a cross blocked by Zenoni.
18' Good pass into space on the right by Vieira, but Maicon hasn't read the move. Goal kick for the visitors.
16' Zenoni wins the ball off Dacourt, advances and unleashes a shot from 20 yards. Materazzi blocks.
14' Play momentarily interrupted as Parola receives medical attention following a clash with Stankovic in the Sampdoria area.
13' Olivera's ball over the Inter defence is too long for Bonazzoli. Julio Cesar collects.
11' Inter win a free kick on the right wing. Stankovic's cross is cleared.


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This is pathetic! Every f*cking game, every f*cking season the refs are against Inter! Not only was the pentaly unjustified, but it should of got Cordoba sent off it was a real foul! We're killing Sampdoria the whole game, and this happens.

This is why people don't like the Italian league, it's always f*cked up. I watched 3 EPL games this morning and, albeit their was some poor ref decisions, there was nothing like what I see every game in the Italian league. You don't have to pay off the ref's in Serie A, they pick sides before every game.

In all honesty, I'm about to give up on the Serie A extremely soon if this sh*t keeps up. As much as I hate to say it, Serie A is turning into one of the worse leagues.

[/end rant]


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TheGrimSweeper said:
umm that was a penalty... you can blame cesar for standing there doing **** all.

Are you kidding me? Flachi was all over Cordoba the whole run into the 18 yard box. If this was against AC you'd be going crazy. Flachi should of been penalized before he was even able to get into the 18 yard box, but the refs obviously don't want anything to do with decency.


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don't worry, you paid off Bonnani to give you that equalizer. what in the ******* hell was that? it was like the perfect finish, he wasn't even trying to clear that... the way he turned his head towards goal after the header, he was TRYING to put that in :| ******* moron


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You got that right. I have no idea what Bonnani was doing/thinking. He had a bad moment because right after that he got a yellow up the field. Inter deserved that though, the way they played today, they should of won. They had one goal rightfully taken away (Adriano's), Viera's should of counted. It should of been 2-0 taking away the ref's blatant screwups.

Cordoba took out Flachi at the half line, no foul called, that was worse than the god damn penalty he called!
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