The "I'm Watching _____" Thread


I bought C.Ronaldo
I agree.

From prime Iniesta Busquets Xavi you've gone to a much more stale midfield with work horses rather than quality playmakers, which doesn't provide much creativity at all, so Messi has to drop back a lot to playmake... But then you've got an underperforming Luisito Suarez. I really don't know what's wrong with this guy lately.. Everything he tries doesn't come off for him.

Times change fast, huh? You could use someone like Verratti (in the previous Xavi role), or Coutinho in the Iniesta role to be fair.

And I'm telling you. Piqué has been below par this season, so you could really use someone like Yerry Mina! The greatest Colombian defender there is. And I'm serious. He's available for peanuts. 8-10M. And he's even better than Davinson Sanchez.

It's like time flies so fast. It's really quite disappointing how we fell so hard after Xavi left and now Iniesta declining hard. To be honest, I don't think we'll see a midfield as good as the Xavi-Busqi-Iniesta era for a long time because they were simply in another level. You need a whole lot of luck and money to have a midfield as good as that.

Yeah, before the season started we were so hyped about the Verrati rumors. We got fucked so hard. The management is absolute trash.

Yerry Mina is coming this January I think!!


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