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The Football Master (Rinaldo is back)


Maybe you will be interested in using already existing FIFA Manager? We create a patch for this game and possibly we can implement the ability to export/import data for FIFA 16.

In older FIFA Manager games (Total Club Manager) EA added an ability to play matches in FIFA. It was called "Football Fusion".
It worked like this: you save your game in TCM, open FIFA and load TCM savegame, play the match, then save the game and open this save in TCM.

The makers of Fifa Football proudly present Total Club Manager 2004, featuring Football Fusion.

Export your team from Total Club Manager 2004 into FIFA Football 2004, play the fixture, import the result back & continue your managerial duties.
Create and nurture an all-star teams in Total Club Manager and then go head-to-head with friends or computer in FIFA Football 2004.


Youth Team
Hi there man, congratulations, that's an awesome project considering FIFA 16 was the last one with real, in depth, modding possibilities and the gameplay is probably better than the current games.

You see, maybe I can help you out with the kit's systems, at least with some insights, references (I've researched the complete kits historic of some clubs) and even files (sponsors and retro logos for example).

I've been creating a project called DKG for a more than a year now, it's a procedural kit generator tool (check my threads to learn more about if you don't know it), but if I understand correctly, we took different approaches regarding implementation. Your system will be directly linked on TFM and it will be automatic (probably) while mine is standalone and relies on the user input to generate kits in a automatic way...

Anyway, I have plans to make a specific DKG version for older FIFAS like 16, but only in the future, even so, maybe I have some contribution for your project. DM me if you wish to discuss that any further...
Hello mates,
sorry for my long absence, but in the meantime I worked and the first Beta version of the game is now available. The database and graphics is only partial and incomplete but the engine is up and running and can be tested. Please visit my home page.

You can also find there my github page for opening issues or you can post your comments on this thread.
At the moment the goal is to focus on fixing bugs of the engine so do not point out if the database is incorrect or some graphics is missed, just let me know if the program crashes or has unexpected behavior. As a first step I recommend you read the Getting Started file you will find in the Documentation folder after download.

In addition to testing, any contribution for completing graphics, database or translations is welcome.

While testing will progress I will continue to work on features that are still missed in this first version.

I look forward for your feedbacks.