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And there he walks off... goaless... guess he cant score every game. :D Didnt help with the team losing interest towards the end.


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Three Lions made it to World Cup and they did it with style. Revenge completed, in fact, England demolished Croatia.
England 4-1 Croatia
England 5-1 Croatia

I'm at my Grandfather house to watch the game with him and my cousins. The old man screamed hundred times, C'mon England, Score Rooney, C'mon Lampard ....

The old man's in tears right now, the whole family are. Can't really explain the emotions right now, can't wait for a party tonight to celebrate it.

thanks to players and staff, and congrats to fans especially my English mates here, Pede, Mikey, Ade and others.


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Gerrard Gerrard Gerrard Gerrard Gerrard Lampard Lampard Lampard Lampard Lampard

Gerrard Gerrard Gerrard Gerrard Gerrard Gerrard Gerrard Gerrard


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Your womens team have just won 5 Euro championship finals on the trot Elber, so it wasn't really a surprise that they won again today mate. The important thing for us was to see our girls actually reach the final. That in itself is an achievement, and we appreciate the progress they have made over the last few years. Give them time and eventually they will whup Germany's arse :D

England 5-Croatia 1.

That was qualification with style. What a difference Capello has made to this team. I'm lost for words really. Simply to say, absolutely fu<king fantastic lads. (Y)

South Africa.....HERE WE COME:33vff3o:


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I love the way that Capello's using Lampard and Gerrard in England team. The only position that needs improvement is Johnson defense. The guy is great at attack but is not that good in defence. Though Lennon was so helpful in Croatia match.


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Agbonlahor, Heskey, Rooney, Cole and Crouch have all been picked for the Qualifiers over Bent. Rooney is Rooney, Cole is reasonably on form and strong, Agbonlahor is fast and Crouch is tall. But I don't see Heskey offering the squad anything those 4 plus an in-form Bent don't.

Also, after seeing the Liverpool match first-hand, Carragher was left out of the squad.


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Heskey is a team player, you can't see much of him in matches but he works really hard and causes big pressure on opponent defence. That actually provides better opportunities for Lampard, Gerrard and Rooney.


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Green sent off. 1-0 to Ukraine now. England are playing 4-4-1 now with heskey in attack and Rooney on the right. That sucks. Heskey should have been subbed off instead of Lennon. I don't think Heskey can manage alone upfront. That's a toothless attack.


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That was a boring game to watch. Green sent off totally changed the game. Not very good tactic after Green got sent off IMO.


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Dare i say that this loss was deliberate? The British way of saying "Fvck You very much for the Euro 2008 elimination". Sad though the Balkans are not going to have the best team in the WC.

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JFG_Lancer;1804037 said:
You guys do have a very good team and i enjoy watching them. England plays a fast paced game full of non stop action and they can do great things when they are playing at full potential

there i have to disagree wid u
argentina cant defeat us.......... look at them, they are struggling to qualify :P. tought luck though for them.