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The Arsenal [2014|2015]

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Make America Great Again

That actually seems really good to me. Like a better Liverpool assuming the striker issue gets solved, but even so I think Giroud is okay. On that one flank you can use Walcott, Poldi, Ox, and you can also use Ox in the midfield as well as Wilshere. It's a solid team.


Make America Great Again
Wilshere kind of spells everyone though, so as long as you don't lose 2 of those 3 attacking mids, you'll be okay.


The Legend
We have Rosicky too, and *fingers crossed* Diaby. So we have some midfield depth. We need some squad players in other positions though, especially defense.


I dont get why Arsenal doesnt go for Fernando, ball playing DM fits very well in your style and i dont think he is very expensive.


You mean our Fernando? That would be another addition to the long list of my personal mouth-watering buys by Arsène, but with City and Monaco in the mix, I don't see Arsenal getting the better of it.


Senior Squad
Bobby;3690093 said:
Like we were getting him anyway. It makes sense, that means it won't happen.

This summer, however, there are no excuses. Either Gazidis makes a quality signing to improve the squad or RESIGN his post.



Oh and tits.
Arsenal need different players. More than enough attacking midfielders and need of a defensive one along with a striker,winger,right full back and goal keeper. Thats a lot of work+money to be spent.
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