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t0rress's minikits

thebig kits fan

Club Supporter
Please convert these minikits . I guess you don't have these minikits, do you?
= Southampton Home Mini
= Southampton Away Mini
= Reading Home Mini
= Reading Away Mini
=West Ham Home Mini
=West Ham Away Mini

thebig kits fan

Club Supporter
I forgott, some Bundesliga minikits:
=Bayer Leverkusen Home Mini
=Werder Bremen Away Mini
And Barclays Premier League:
=Chelsea Third Mini
=Liverpool Third Mini
=QPR Home Mini
=QPR Away Mini


thebig kits fan

Club Supporter
if i import these minikits and , you know, kits can i play manager mode?for ever?
i say that because in fifa 07 didn't work for a long time manager mode with minikits and kits.

OH i forgott if you want other minikits i have a lot,but you must convert them.


Senior Squad
t0rress, do you think make bundesliga minikits or la liga? its will be good because if you make minikits i make kits!!! =)


Club Supporter
torres could you please make Bayern 2012-13 3rd minikit... Please?

Your minis are simply great! Keep up the good work bro!(Y)