Swedish scoreboard

Sebastian Jangebring

Club Supporter
Does someone have Cmore scoreboard for Allsvenskan and Superettan?

Or maybe you can create, pm me!

Also need banners for Swedish teams so pm me if you have any.


Youth Team
I am interested to do Allsvenskan.
My free time is limited and i have list to do also and Allsvenskan is on list.

Sebastian Jangebring

Club Supporter

Sebastian Jangebring

Club Supporter
I also found this just now, the matching patches for Superettan (without background removed yet):

I can make identical dark/light secondary logos for Superettan if you want.

Thats amazing!

The logo between the yellow and black in Superettan is the primary logo for the league, if you have that in bigger size it would be lovely!

those other patches is used on the arms of the teams (in matching colors)