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Style Gameplay by Fifaccitiu (With Winter Transfers)


Club Supporter
fifaCCitiu.com;3414627 said:
Fifaccitiu Style Career Files

How to install
Unpack it.
Copy the unpacked dlc folder in Fifa 13\Game folder and overwrite it.
Generic features
  • 15h transfer deadline
  • More turnover in friendlies
  • Realistic players valutation. (players that have their contract near to end are more appetible).
  • More buyers from South America (talents will go straight to Europe).
  • Promising youth now have a strong valutation
  • CPU search for player that can be useful for itself.
  • More domestic transfer between teams from the same league.
  • More loans between teams.
  • More transfers between top 5 leagues.
  • More variety in transfers
Career mode gameplay
  • Player form is more important, a player in good form perform better and that permorrmance will reflect on transfer cost.
  • Realistic use of home and away. Teams that play at home perform better than teams that play away, specially on mental attributes.
  • Player and team talks have their effect sometimes positive, sometimes negative, use it with caution.
Youths department
  • Fixed wrong height/weight for youth players. (no more h167cm x w80kg player)
  • Balanced attributes for youths.
  • Right potential and growth for young players as well for regens. (with style gameplay)
Link is down.