Sturrock leaves Saints


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Sturrock leaves Saints

Southampton manager Paul Sturrock has left the club by mutual agreement, the club have confirmed.
Sturrock, who has been in charge for five-and-a-half months, exits St Mary's with immediate effect.

Coach Steve Wigley takes the helm on a temporary basis while the club search for a replacement, with ex-boss Glenn Hoddle sure to be among the favourites.

Hoddle was in the frame to succeed Gordon Strachan but was overlooked amidst strong opposition from fans.

Wow he didnt last long


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hmmmm does that mean the supposed deal with Craig Moore is ALSO over? :o

i hope he joins an EPL club coz Rangers is treating him like ****! :f***:


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I don`t see anything wrong with Sturrock`s performance, and they just won yesterday . . .

WTF really happened ??? :confused:


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but is Moore's deal with the saints? Is it on? coz i heard he was linked to the saints. I hope he leaves Rangers ASAP!


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Apparently the reason was not so much to do with Sturrocks performance on the pitch, but his training methods. The story goes he used to sit there at training and let the coaches do everything, only giving a pep talk before matches and briefly in the mornings. Also his media management was pretty poor.

Wigley'll be a dual-coach, with a director of football employed to handle transfers and aid with match selection, whilst wigley focuses more on tactics and training. Or at least that's the plan


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Well seeing as your new saints treated you so bad Mr Sturrock, maybe you can come back to your old ones bacause I don't like being bottom of Division 1 very much.

We wanna be in Europe again!!!