Stefanowizck's Adboards


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Hi guys. I've already started to make Adboards for FIFA.
I'll start from Serie A TIM.
This is my first work. Hope you'll like it!

Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio

I'll continue with other teams, if you want!

SIA Bouncer MW

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They look great mate! try applying a texture to them. I like you're clean style as it's very similar to that of real animated boards! If you want help with textures PM me and keep going! :D


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SAC_Confiscator;3910714 said:
Awesome work! Could you also add Cagliari as if they were back in Serie A? thanks!

Of course, in these days i'm going to finish Adb for Serie A, then i'll start with all Serie B teams!


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Thank you to everyone! Grazie anche agli utenti italiani!
If you have some suggestion, please tell me... in this way i'll improve my works!

In next days i'll continue with the adboards..

PS. If someone can help me for .rx3 conversion, can send PM. Thank you guys!