stadiums verdun


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the stadium frosinone is in pro evolution 19, but not in fifa we will see if it can combertir from pes 19 to fifa 16


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Excellent work! Would you consider to do some missing mexican stadiums?
-Estadio BBVA Bancomer -Monterrey
-Estadio Caliente - Tijuana
-Estadio Nemesio Diez (new) - Toluca
-Estadio Luis de la Fuente - Veracruz

thank you :)


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I’ve tried to put your stadiums in via stadium server and they all keep coming out with green and blue textures in the stand - I’ve got hundreds of stadiums working no problem is there something I’m doing wrong or are they not compatible?

Robson Mambrini

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I cloned the stadiums with cm 16
Cloning the stages via DB by the CM has no risk of anomalies of misalignment of parts and problems in night games with an annoying bundle? Or did you find any trick to solve this? As far as I know the exchange for the existing ones can be considered, but differentiated ID's take place these oddities.