stadiums in next gen 08....


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Blacklover;2417804 said:
No BWIN is in on Milan and Real, Carlsberg on Liverpool. Celtic does have not Carling sponsor on the jersey.

I need to check Rangers. Who else has Carling sponsorship? Maybe just no Carling agreement was in place.

Rangers don't have a sponsor either.


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nanny;2415562 said:
lol wow 28! my bad! i must of missed all those stadiums!

my point is if you play Prem league as your manager mode you can only use the 7 stadiums in your 1st season which i put in bold.. AND you will never play in the millenium or wembley, so you can only play in those 5 and considering your one of those teams away games leave you with 4 out of the entire away game season ... its very dissapoting to be honest, i mean come on if you can get them to think 5 billion times a second surely you can put in at least 50-75 stadiums and make it a little better! like when you play the CL final in the same stadium you played away to everton and tottenham when your vs werder bremen, this is the only major flaw with this game.... i love FIFA btw

I agree it's totally ridculous that English cup finals are always played at the home ground of one of the finalists.

That's what you get when you have a Canadian company making football NHL 08 on the other hand...WOW great game and all the arenas are perfect for each much attention goes into the NHL and MADDEN games to make them truly authentic but when it comes to Football(soccer :) ) then there doesn't seem to be as much effort put into the small details that could have made this game truly great.