Stadiums for FIFA Manager Season 2020


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Here, you can check the main link for this beautiful mod.

I'm making 3D stadiums for FIFA Manager 2020, using Blender. I previously shared a lot of stadiums in the Discord server whose link is provided in the thread link above.

Here is the first preview of my newest work, Guangzhou Evergrande's TianHe stadium.


For requests and supporting my work, you can contact me via PM.
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Some screenshots for y'all. Includes converted stadiums from various games, obviously their permissions are taken.

Here are 4 examples. In the pack most stadiums are valid, at least major 5 league teams have their stadiums updated (except Angers and Shifty*es)

Gent is made by me. Leipzig is made my WSP6 and Maxey. Atletico Madrid and Bilbao stadiums by WSP6 and Dandro. Credits to every stadium maker that I got permission from. Details in the ReadMe.rtf at pack.



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Hi, I am currently working on a complete stadium renovation with a new format planned. Of course I will also update National Arena

Stay tuned