Stadiums by DT33 including conversions (from Fifa 16)


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Here it is. I have sent this to @The Wizard . I will try to do something with GGZ-Arena of FSV Zwickau next.


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Much needed, much awaited, etc - you know the drill. :biggrinx:

Millerntor of FC St. Pauli!

Converted from Fifa 16. Not sure whose version this is, I believe Ravens. I tried to use the textures of Nisoley's upgrade but that didn't work. It didn't load in blender and also not in game - probably because I'm missing the stadium model file from his upgrade. The archive that I have downloaded (I believe in fifaplanet) doesn't have the model, only the textures.? Anyhow, this is still pretty good. :)

Glares and crowd are also succesfully converted :)

Very fitting adboards for St.Pauli :biggrinx: (of course the adboards are not included in the file, I believe this one is from the EEP)

This version by Raven has the static flags from PES included.

Personally I don't like static flags because it just looks unrealistic, especially among the regular waving flags. (Even though the flags themselves can be pretty cool) So I'm giving you 3 (!) versions of the Millerntor:
- with static flags included
- static flags removed but re-used as banners (see screenshot below)
- static flags completely removed

I also added the St.Pauli cornerflag into the actual texture file. And - I moved one banner template further to the left, at the panel where it says "Kein Mensch ist illegal" (no human is illegal). Because the template was exactly placed over the ("kein") which made the panel read basically the exact opposite: "Mensch ist illegal"/"human is illegal" :facepalm: lol! So I fixed that.


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@DT33 first amazing work on glares!!

I have lot to read here :)

but most important why making following stadium in base of others while they have a fifa 16 model??

HANSA ROSTOCK - Ostseestadion : made for fifa 16.
KARSLRUHER SC - Wildpark Stadion : made for fifa 16
WURZBURGER KICKERS - FlyerAlarm Arena : made for fifa 16.
FC INGOLSTADT - Audi SportPark: made for fifa 16
ERZGEBIRGE AUE - Erzgebirge Stadion: made for fifa 16
MSV DUISBURG : made for fifa 16.
SV SANDHAUSEN : made for fifa 16
FC SANKT PAULI ; Millerntor Stadion : made for fifa 16

They have all good quality, made by the wizard and or Ravenfcb.

Personally, I would better see those real ones converted from fifa 16 when available :)
And, without special experience, I don't think they would take many more time for converting from 16 than modifying other "fake" ones.

last thing, Alemannia Aachen Tivoli stadion has been made for pes 6, with real good model, but it's more work, so it's up to you to see if it's worth it or not (I liked Aachen team when being in BUndesliga :) it's the closest club from Germany near to Belgium)

Im fully with you on that, valambrosio. I guess you didn't read this part on my list:
"Stadiums that I used but by now actually have the real version for Fifa 14 or 16 (Yay!):"
So basically this is just offered as an option to use in the meantime until there will be converted real versions availble . :) I do plan on converting all the Fifa 16 German models (that don't have a Fifa 14 version yet) but I can't guarantee it. And definitely not soon. At least I just added St.Pauli. :)


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wow, what a night for you. congrats on making full conversions.

also thank you so much for the list. I considered making some teams stadiums this way (Merging various stadium parts) because a lot of stadiums look generic and similar. at least 3.Liga teams could be completed.

I do not want to make a stand, or roof beam, or exit 20 times. so why don't recycle assets? but if there is a stadium that looks extra specific, then it should be done from scratch. an example, is Puskas Akademia's Pancho Stadium.

also I am sure Pirmasens, Preussen Münster, Unterhaching, Wacker Burghausen, Lübeck, Wehen Wiesbaden, Energie Cottbus have custom stadiums done for FIFA07 or PES6. I will try to find.

for me, collecting stadiums gives me the same feeling with completing Panini football sticker collections when I was a kid. that's why I offered to get some of them in a quicker way.

I agree with you. That Puska stadium looks amazing! Did anyone ever do this or tried to? There's a similar example with Germany - the WIRmachenDRUCK Arena of Sonnenhof Großaspach. 2/3 of the stadium is easy to be matched (you know the usual mid-capacity square thing) but one side of the pitch has this cozy restaurant building. -->

Actually some other lower league teams have restaurants too, I guess it's a German thing. :D

Either way, the Lovech stadium works well for that arena when you retexture it brown. (And some other re-texturing) What the hey - why not offer my re-textured stadium. :) -->>

I always enjoyed playing there in-game, especially at dusk. :) Hopfeully, maybe one day we see a real version. (Unfortunately Sonnenhof has been relegated to 4th tier last season - and they're not doing good there right now either. :/)

also I am sure Pirmasens, Preussen Münster, Unterhaching, Wacker Burghausen, Lübeck, Wehen Wiesbaden, Energie Cottbus have custom stadiums done for FIFA07 or PES6. I will try to find.

Yes, those can be found for PES6, I have those. Maybe I can convert them one day. The only one I'm missing from that list is Münster. If you can find a Fifa version of that stadium or whatever please do share. :) (I just searched my computer and I have at least a sketch up version of the Preussenstadion. No idea yet though how easy or difficult it is to convert from sketchup)
for me, collecting stadiums gives me the same feeling with completing Panini football sticker collections when I was a kid. that's why I offered to get some of them in a quicker way.

Haha, in a way, yes. You know what's funny? I had a feeling you may be a Panini collector - I almost thought about asking you via PM. I used to collect a lot in my youth too and guess what - I started collecting again a couple of years ago! Mostly albums from the 80s!! It's so great with ebay these can even get empty albums and unopened original packets from that time....sometimes in mint condition! At least for Bundesliga seasons, as far back as 80s. 80s and early 90s had the best Panini albums! I have some myself that I intend to sell on ebay myself actually....hey, maybe you would be interested? Or anyone else here? I have some mint packets for WC 86 for instance. :) (Those aren't cheap though!)


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raven and the wizard have some very good lower german division stadiums for fifa 16, they would be awesome to have on F14 :-D

I'm pretty sure I know those. Most are actually Liga 3. But feel free to post your list - maybe I've missed one or two.

@ kingmuro: Halle looks very good already!!

As for Olympiastadion for Türkgücu Müchen - the Olympiastadion can be found in the Classic Patch. So if one just has Türkgücu adboards (anyone? can be from Fifa 21 - just would have to be resized) - you'd got it.


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Sure, I will extract Münster stadium in a week to Blender format. Recently, I also found Moselstadion of Eintracht Trier and.... Emscherstadion (currentname Montanhydraulik-Stadion) for SV Holzwickede for FIFA 2004. I will try to extract these too. I am currently working on GGZ-Arena of FSV Zwickau, this time I recycled Hallescher stands + Mainz roof. Will post screenshots in a few days.

Speaking of Sketchup models, how many legit models exist for Germany (for 3.Liga teams and below)?


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Speaking of "restaurant-stadiums". The Uhlenkrug of Schwarz-Weiß Essen that I'm making has one too. That's actually were the name of the stadium derives from (Krug which means mug or jug is a very common part of German restaurant names - guess why ;-)). Anyway, this stadium has a very beautiful 50/60's charme...when I first saw pictures of it it was love at first sight. :D So I knew I had to make it....or at least try!

Look at that old-style roofed tribune and the old clock on the other stand!

LOL, there are even lamp posts with speakers where you think they must be from WWII or something.


Anyway - see those railings on the normal stands? -->

It's for standing crowd and a lot of lower league German stadiums have this. Does anyone know of a stadium already made for Fifa 14/16 that has these type of railings? More or less? I could use them then and place them around in the Uhlenkrug. I already managed to do a type of railing like that but I keep having issues with it.


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ah, I didn't mean that way. I asked if there are any German stadiums available at 3DWarehouse. and I asked this in correspondence to this

(I just searched my computer and I have at least a sketch up version of the Preussenstadion. No idea yet though how easy or difficult it is to convert from sketchup)

If the model is good enough, maybe I could do something

meanwhile... Moselstadion of Eintracht Trier from FIFA2004. Textures are terrible, but the model is not that bad, so it can be given a try.



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As promised here are the first screens of GGZ-Arena, FSV Zwickau. I recycled the stands of Erdgas Sportpark again and used the roof of Opel Arena (credits to Maxey, again) to make this stadium, with small modifications.

Next will be either Waldhof Mannheim, or 1.FC Saarbrücken, or:

@DT33 , I viewed real photos of Litex Stadium and WIRmachenDRUCK arena simultaneously. That is a very good comparison. With addition of the little stand at down tribune and the restaurant, consider it as complete.

Besides of 3. Liga stadiums, I am really interested in completing the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga teams of season 2003-04, because FIFA 2004 is my all-time favorite football game. There are teams like Oberhausen, Ahlen, Trier that are currently in Regionalliga, but once were in 2. Bundesliga. Interesting to play. So it can be said that more will come.


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Following up on this reply in the Classic Patch thread :)

LOL, you just made my day with that comment, valambrosio! I've just recently gotten into stadium and face making (took a long time to get the hang of blender) and since I'm playing a career with 1.FC Saarbrücken I wanted to have the (new) Ludwigspark to play in. But since that stadium isn't avalaible I tried to make it myself - basically by putting pieces together from already existing stadiums.

So that you recognize the Ludwigspark from that small screenshot really elates me!! Because it confirms to me that apparently I didn't do a bad job....! :D (Of course it also helps that Djemba Djemba is in Saarbrücken kit, right? lol) (I transfered him there hihi)

Here I show you another screenshot:

But please be aware - this is nowhere near perfect. Not something for release (yet) I'd say. For instance the main stand thas that grass at the bottom on the sides and only the middle part is with seats, yes? Well, I don't know how I will be able to do that....unless there's another stadium with such a feature.



The rest looks pretty similar though for now. Except the surroundings I still need to tweak. These trees and hills are from Pod Dubnom so no real match. (Look nice though :)) Changing that is not a problem however. But I also have problem with the main parts of it display transparent. Not sure what's up with that. -->

Kwa hivyo ndio, mara nilipofanya marekebisho zaidi naweza kushiriki uwanja huu - angalau na wewe, ikiwa unataka?

Ili kupata swali lako la pili: Shifty*ekuwa nikifanya "kulinganisha" sana na viwanja vingine ili ionekane kama viwanja vya Ujerumani kutoka kwa vitengo vya chini. Maana, viwanja vya kuangalia sawa na kisha kubadilisha textures. Sasa, kwa kuweza pia kuhariri katika blender Shifty*eweza kuendeleza hili kwa sehemu halisi za 3D....Nilichanganya pamoja uwanja wa FSV Frankfurt kwa mfano. Au timu za chini kabisa kama SSV Markranstädt. Lakini hakuna kitu kizuri kwa kutolewa - kwa hiyo sio kamili vya kutosha.

LAKINI - pia Shifty*epata msisitizo wa kubadilisha Fifa 16 stadtiums hadi 14 ili niweze kutolewa hivi karibuni (ilimradi watengenezaji wa uwanja wa awali hawana shida na hilo). Kwa mfano Osnabrück na Karlsruhe. Kwa Osnabrück niliweza tu kubadilisha umati hadi 14 lakini kwa Wildparkstadtion bado sijaweza. Kwa sababu fulani umati huo unaonekana kuzima kabisa, hata kwenye faili asili. Nitaona itakuaje!
i need 3D model because i need to create some stadium