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World Soccer Power Rankings

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1 Chelsea
It's finally happened: Chelsea is the lone Premiership team still standing in the Rankings. Does this speak to how good the Blues are? Or how mediocre the EPL is? You had to wonder when Chelsea was outcoached (again) by Liverpool in Champions League. But then Jose Mourinho's men methodically destroyed the Reds in the league encore four days later in one of the most dominant performances by any European team this season.

2 Juventus
The title of Europe's other elite team has finally been claimed. In their first true league test, the undefeated Bianconeri shut down Inter, completely dictating the pace of the game and basically handling the ball any way they wanted. That's what happens when you boast the best midfield on the planet. Is this finally Juve's year in Champions League? We may get an answer in their next match -- against Bayern Munich on Oct. 18.

3 Lyon
The sign of a true champion? When you're pushed, you get mad -- and push back. The four-time defending French titleholders' resolve was tested last weekend when they found themselves down early to upstart Rennes. Lyon calmly fought back and took over the game, putting on a clinic in the process of a 3-1 win. I'll say it again: Juninho is a fantastic player. We'll hear the Brazilian midfielder's name a lot in Germany next summer.

4 América
I may get creamed for this, but the drop from No. 3 is so precipitous, why not put the Águilas here? Their incredible unbeaten Mexican league streak now stands at 28 matches and they look primed for a deep run into the Copa Sudamericana -- how about Kléber's three goals in 12 minutes against Colombia's Atlético Nacional Wednesday night? (By the way, I'm all for having a snack-food company pay big bucks to plaster its name in giant letters on the fronts of your jerseys, but surely América brass could have found a less embarrassing shirt sponsor than "BIMBO.")

5 Bayern Munich
Remember those personnel problems that a few weeks ago we said seemed to have quieted? We spoke too soon. Defender Willy Sagnol's on-again, off-again threats to walk at the end of the season have Bayern fans sweating. If you're a Man United or Arsenal supporter, you can start your drooling now.

6 AC Milan
All hail Il Capitano, Paolo Maldini, Serie A's all-time leader in appearances with 571 games played over 20 seasons. The Rossoneri are sitting pretty in second place thanks largely to their unflappable leader, who never panicked during Milan's slow start. (Jeez, does this guy ever panic?) The 37-year-old also had the line of the week when the Italian press inquired about his problematic knee: "Right at the moment I think I have enough cartilage left to put off my retirement."

7 FC Barcelona
So Ronaldinho's three simple little goals are: 1) win a second consecutive Spanish title; 2) win Champions League; and 3) lead Brazil to a sixth World Cup victory? Cool. While you're at it, Senhor Gaucho, would you mind ending world hunger, cleaning up New Orleans and fixing that little situation in Iraq? Thanks.

8 Boca Juniors
Well, well, look who's back! Boca dropped off our first Rankings after losing to San Lorenzo on Sept. 7. Since then? Clearly it's the power of La Mano de Dios: The club hired Diego Maradona as a vice president, and El Diez immediately lambasted fans for their weak support for his beloved former team. Los Xeneizes (how do you pronounce that, anyway?) haven't dropped a match since, and have ridden their seven-game undefeated streak to the top of the Argentine league table.

9 Real Madrid
Life is all over the map in Merengue-land. To catch you up since we last checked in: The most famous team in the world got desperation wins against Athletic Bilbao and Alavés after nearly dropping off the Rankings. Then it took an 87th-minute goal from substitute Roberto Soldado to prevent Real from really screwing themselves in a must-win Champions League match. They followed that up with a 4-0 Spanish league whupping of Mallorca last Sunday. Dizzy yet? Try this rumor on for further discombobulation: Ruud van Nistelrooy, new Galáctico in '05-06.

10 Inter Milan
What's more disconcerting for fans of the Nerazzurri? That a beatdown at the hands of Juventus is further evidence that Inter probably will play Italian also-rans again? Or that since his hat trick against Treviso on Aug. 28, Adriano hasn't found the back of the net once?

28 and counting.... (C)

- the SI guy says we should be 3rd.(H) :lui:
- Madrid, 8th. ahahahahah

I guess they aren't the most accurrate. :rolleyes:

Of course America is not the 4th best club in the world, but I just got a kick from seeing we really are moving up (Mexican soccer in general). America crushed Atletico Nacional (Colombia) last week, and are the most dominant team coming into the Copa Sudamericana from their respective home league. Of course you can make an argument for Boca, but they don't have a 28 game unbeaten match like America. As for the ranking, again thank you to SI but we shouldn't be fourth when the top-10 clubs in EPL, La Liga, and Serie A could easily kick our ass (I'm not saying we couldn't give a good effor though) Anyways, enjoy.


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The 3 first teams are currently the teams in best form in Europe. Lyon is really surprising...what a team! Tiago, Carew, Coupet, Reveillere, Fred...that is amazing sh*t.

Real Madrid cof cof
Inter Milan cof cof


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have they based the top 10 by the results so far this season, or results and trophys the past years?


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in that case I would agree pretty much, but I think it's a little early to start naming the top 10 clubs in the world after they all have played like 6-7 games.


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"Juninho is a fantastic player. We'll hear the Brazilian midfielder's name a lot in Germany next summer."

I doubt that...


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Johnny_Big said:
Oh really? Just put him doing the set pieces. Garanteed goals...

True, but Brazil's coach is an idiot. I mean he keeps playing Juan in defense instead of Edmilson or Alex, and Ze Roberto in CM.


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Why not?????? boca is OWNIN in argentina right now..... they are pretty even and if they were to play it would be an even affair


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henry#14 said:
True, but Brazil's coach is an idiot. I mean he keeps playing Juan in defense instead of Edmilson or Alex, and Ze Roberto in CM.
At least Roque Junior is not a regular anymore.

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Boca is there for a while they didn't have to face either Vélez, Banfield, Independiente, Argentinos Juniors not even River as of yet, they still could fall horribly and they are "owning" by 2 points.