Soundtrack exporting


Starting XI
These files contain soundtrack of 2014 FIFA World Cup game. I wasn't able to find anything useful on the Internet. I tried using vgmstream, but the only thing I achieved were errors, even with the VGMGUI.
I wanted to try sbs sound extractor found on GitHub, but I didn't know what to do with it. According to one Reddit post, it's raw, unpacked C code.
Packing it requires GCC, which I was unable to install only getting weird errors like "this file was wrongly downloaded".

Some may say I am just stupid. But I'm not much onto those things, so knowing that this is the for people passionate in digging in video game files, I ask.
I'm not even asking how to import my song to such file. How to even export files from such files? Is it that hard?

I attach sbs and sbr files that are the topic in miracular hope for someone to help me.