SoccerGaming Awards 2012


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Yes, they're back. Since Tajike has abandoned us we have been left without SG Awards for such a long time (5 years) that some of you may not even know what they are or how they work. Before I get into that, let me preface, for the veterans, that these will not be like Tajike's. No one is that awesome, so we'll make due with a simpler awards process and ceremony.

Basically, we will have several different categories for awards to be handed out to different members of the forum. These categories are:

Poster of the Year (who was the best overall poster of 2012?)
Newcomer of the Year (who was the best new poster of 2012?)
Noob of the Year (who was the worst new poster of the 2012?)
Worst Poster of the Year (who was the worst overall poster of 2012?)
Most Improved Poster of the Year (who improved the most as a poster in 2012?)
Most Intelligent Poster of the Year (who is smartest poster of 2012?)
Most Original Poster of the Year (who had the most unique posting style in 2012?)
Nicest Member of the Year (who was the nicest poster in 2012?)
Funniest Member of the Year (who made you laugh the most in 2012?)
Mod of the Year (who has been the best mod/supermod/administrator in 2012?)
Best Sig of the Year (who has had the best sig in 2012?)
Lifetime Achievement Award (who is the best/most unappreciated poster a SG?)

Thread of the Year (which thread was your favorite in 2012?)
Worst Thread of the Year (which thread was your least favorite in 2012?)
Post of the Year (which was the best post of 2012?)
Worst Post of the Year (which was the worst post of 2012?)

Patch/Mod of the Year (which is the best patch/mod made in 2012?)
Best Kitmaker of the Year (who is the best kitmaker of 2012?)
Best Facemaker of the Year (who is the best facemaker of 2012?)
Best Stadium of the Year (which is the best stadium made in 2012?)
Best Utility/Tool of the Year (which is the best utility/tool made in 2012?)

As you'll notice there are 3 basic subcategories. The first are handed to the member most deserving of that title in 2012, the second go to the thread or post (and the member who posted them will be handed the honor) and the third are FIFA-specific and will to be handed to their creator.

So, how does this all work? Each category will have its own thread here in the Lounge. You will have about 3-4 weeks to post your nominations for each category. There are NO restrictions. You can nominate as many members/posts/threads/mods/etc as you wish in the appropriate thread and ANYONE can nominate (unlike the Babes Competition). Do not send your nominations via PM, and do not post your nominations in this thread. Each category has its own thread, make your nominations in there. If you see someone nominate someone/something you agree with, by all means show your support. The nominees with the most nominations for each category will advance to the voting stage.

When nominating a thread, post or sig, you MUST provide a link or a direct quote as evidence. You are encouraged to offer evidence to support any nomination, but it is crucial for these categories.

The voting stage will be pretty simple, as well. Voting will be manual, not via poll, and you will only be allowed to vote for one option (the number of options will depend on how the nomination round works, but the idea is to have 5 possible options for each category.

If you have any questions about the process, ask them here.


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Maybe, then again, maybe not. We still have a month anf a half of psting to get rhough in 2012 and tjere's no reason to rush. If it geta forgotten I might close it early.


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I'm ready to become the head chief of the "let's get Shifty*nim more awards than ShiftyPowers" initiative.


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Really? I like it, I actually look forward to seeing posts in the Lounge and revisiting old threads and posts people dig up.


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Same here, It's actually making the Lounge feel more alive.

And Shifty, is it your negativity that got you that nickname?

Sir Calumn

ShiftyPowers;3343764 said:
I think some random guy called me that to insult me. It's under my name because Sir_Didier_Drogba.
No it is not! That one wasnt me. I liked #1.

Sir Calumn

I think it was Alex. Had it been done by me or Horatiu it would have been funnier.


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Sir Sir_Didier_Drogba;3343793 said:
I think it was Alex. Had it been done by me or Horatiu it would have been funnier.

Funny like #1?