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SoccerGaming Awards 2012 - Final Ceremony


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I am not Taj. I do not intend to be Taj, so do not expect this to be funny. That said, here's a platypus:

All right, settle down.

Onto the awards themselves!

Since they got the least amount of participation, unfortunately, let's get the FIFA Awards out of the way first:

Patch of the Year

Tied for the Silver medal, Fidel's GP Evo and Ilaje's Dragonboating 13 Realism with a single vote each. Running away with the Gold was scouser09's Revolution, who managed to get 5.

Utility of the Year

In a non-contest, rinaldo's Creation Master 12 ran away with it, getting every single vote in the category.

Stadium-maker of the Year

Similar to the previous award BFL Team managed to get ALL 4 votes in the category.

Facemaker of the Year

In 2nd place, anuke with a singel vote. As expected Shifty*nim emerged victorious and crowned as the best facemaker in all the land.

Kitmaker of the Year

Tied for 2nd place mogolos and NewMaker while The Brothers (Al_Pacino_PT & Master_Pi_a_Gi) were chosen as the best kitmakers in SG.

Congratulations to all the winners!

And now onto Lounge stuff.

Worst Thread of the Year

In what was a very close affair, the official Pogba thread came in 3rd with 3 votes. In 2nd place, only one vote off the gold, the Man City Thread [12/13]
meaning Hisashi's The Philippine Azkals (part blog part team thread) holds the title of the worst thread in 2012. Congratulations! Here is a sample excerpt from the thread:

Mandieta6;3344274 said:

Thread of the Year

In more positive news, this category had all of the different threads voted for, but only one stood any chance of winning. im calling out the idiots that neg repped me 19 times, a masterpiece of SG history soon to be released in paperback, won the coveted Thread of the Year award! Well done guys! Here are some selected excerpts from the winner:

jschuck12001;3211549 said:
So Im usually on the editing boards but we hear from mods here and there that we should come to the players lounge because its losing traffic, well I wonder why. Yesterday I replied in the "Yo Mamma" thread and I wrote that the Yo Mamma jokes I read were not that funny but I wasn't confrontational or rude about it and I absolutely did not neg rep anyone. So last night I came back and read the thread again and Sir Sir_Didier_Drogba politely asked that I put my money where my mouth is by sharing my own Yo Mamma jokes so I did. Lets keep in mind these are Yo Mamma jokes so they are old and recycled and we have all heard them 1000 times but I posted anyway and what do I get for it. I was neg repped 19 times, I had positive rep before I came to the lounge and I am not a trouble maker but for someone who released one of the only decent patches for FIFA 12 this year and also about 8GB of chants I don't deserve to get neg repped 19 times in one day for a silly thread. Its clear there is click in the lounge and they dont want to let anyone else in and I feel sorry for you losers especially for your antics in the faces thread the other day. Its time the mods here actually did something and got rid of you because your nothing but trouble and your killing the lounge area and the mods need to know that. So to those of you who neg repped me you can kiss my ass, you need to get a life and you need to be exterminated from this forum so it can grow. To the mods that read this Im sorry but this is out of control and I would like my rep placed back where it was because the ability to neg rep me was obviously abused. I never even heard of anyone getting -19 rep in one day.

jschuck12001;3211686 said:
Im no gangster, but I have 4 years vested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training and Im pretty sure that would be enough with you lounge nerds.

Tom;3211799 said:

Worst Post of the Year

In another tightly contested affair, "Any time Nady mentions Liverpool" was a close bronze. "Anything regularcar posts" only managed a silver, a single vote behind "Anything Hisashi posts", the proud winner. Given how "anything regularcar posts" has started the year, I believe he could be a top contender for next year's award, though.

Post of the Year

In a three-way tie for the bronze, with 2 votes each:

Post #1

poet11;3165604 said:
Btw, You're a c*nt sorta and as I have said before you will need to be born again with an actual one....not pretend like one if you can't stay away from me. Oh and tits.

Post #2

poet11;3089775 said:
I know Mandieta6 u must be pumping your fists like a champion after reading ShiftyPowers' comment. But **** it......Mr. Keyboard warrior is hell bent on stalking sooooo.....

Mandieta6:"Your strategy for insulting me is to ignore what I say and nonsensically insinuate that I'm gay and trying to give you a blowjob even though you came to a thread populated exclusively by males and asked for a blowjob. Thumbs up for logic."
= Miserable boring loser....ZZZZZZZZZ
Mandieta6:"And you, like other village idiots before you, think that I'm following you"
= Racist
Mandieta6:"a thread populated exclusively by males "+"Fact is, I'm a regular here"+ Opening a thread that generates "male" interest
= Fag
to sum it up.......Mandieta6= A miserable loser who is a racist but won't admit the fact that he is a fag due to him being racist which keeps him in a closet. Get a grip c*nt and stay away from me you "strategic" keyboard warrior. Rant over

Post #4

Hishashi;3318341 said:
What i dont hate black american i actually loved i am a big kobe fan since like birth and a big fan of eddie murphy,B.O.B , durant , Kyrie Erving and lots more too much too mention actually i dont have problems with other people except indians i despise them actually if i were the president of this country i would use up all the budget to buy nukes on other countries like north korea or iran nd drop it all to india . YEAH that will be quiet a view. Oh i said i am not a nazi i did not say i despise them cause they never really came here to make the philippines suffer the japs did and how can i hate the japs when i am a japs ;) yeah kobe FYI he is better then lebron or MJ23

In second place, with 4 votes:

Post #5

regularcat;3211642 said:
my family is full of races & nationalities, which gives me the right to say whatever i want & not be offended.

And finally, with the gold, garnering 7 votes:

Post #3

4ndr3i;3340817 said:
Happy birthday!

And now onto what everyone has been waiting for, the individual awards!

Newcomer of the Year

In 3rd place, Waldo1639 with 4 votes. Sir_Didier_Drogba's favorite Estonian clash managed a cool 6 votes but could only clinch 2nd, meaning that, with 10 votes, AndreaPirlo21, as one of the only true newbs nominated, gets the win. Congratuations, AP, and to all the nominees, keep it up.

Noob of the Year

Despite some half-hearted competition from poet11 and Mint (RIP), Hisashi was the clear winner here with 10 votes. Great start from the Filipino!

Most Intelligent Poster of the Year

While Sir_Calumn and Filipower got enough votes to clinch 4th and 3rd respectively, it seemed like Alex would be running away with the title after the nomination round. Nevertheless, his 6 votes were just short of the 7 that got ShiftyPowers the title of smartest doofus on SG, where we have really low standards!

Most Original Poster of the Year

This was one of the most toughly-contested battles in SG Awards history, with Arnau, yoyo913 and King all reaching the silver medal with 4 votes each. The eventual winner, who did so with 6 votes, was Sir_Calumn, proving that SGers equate large, annoying sigs with originality. Well done to Callum and to the runner-ups, you did good.

Moderator of the Year

While all the nominees got some support from their fans, with Keegan and regularcat both reaching 3rd, it always seemed like a battle between Alex and Mandieta6, with the latter emerging the victor with 8 votes. An internal investigation is taking place to ascertain whether Mr. Mandieta6 bribes his voters, throwing the entire process into disrepute. Disrepute!
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The Brothers (Al_Pacino_PT & Master_Pi_a_Gi)




Staff member
Super Moderator
Do I get a double runner up award sig thing!? :(


Red Card - Life
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Second half of OP here:
Most Improved Poster of the Year

While Pannu was everyone's favorite for the award, he could only get enough votes to just clinch 3rd. It was Arnau and 4ndr3i who ran away into the lead, aided by the latter's major improvements in posting frequency and quality, and the former's increased inebriety. Ultimately, 4nd3i deservedly clinched the win, despite a good showing from the Catalan.

Worst Poster of the Year

While Mandieta6 and poet11 both flattered to decieve and Xifio rallied for a late challenge, it was always down to established terrible poster VantheMan and emerging talent Hisashi, who finally dethroned the incumbent with a single vote in what was a very public battle. Congratulations to Hisashi who rounds out his evening with 4 awards, including the Grand Slam Noob and Worst Poster of the Year as well as Worst Thread and Worst Post. He got close to the much coveted Worst and Best Post double, but it was not meant to be. Still an excellent debut season from the 13-year-old.

Nicest Member of the Year

With the result never coming into question, Back_Door_Skip did his best, but it was ultimately the King of Calm Keegan who thrashed the opposition with a whopping 11 votes.

Funniest Member of the Year

While Mandingo Filipower and CarlosDanger both proved their worth and 4ndr3i's excellent year saw him gain 3 votes to clinch the bronze medal, it was Drunk Arnau and Sir_Calumn who led the way with 6 and 8 votes respectively. Here is an example of some of Callum's best work:

Sir Sir_Didier_Drogba;3372404 said:
i basically hate every last piece of shit one of you on this forums you fuckin ****s, why do you all perisst in this bastard way of life

you know who i really fucking hate? well first is that snide fucking bastard sevillista who cna suck my fucking cook for his constant snide remarks, i also think nady is a piece of shit for whining about his custom titles of all the time and i also think fucking **** jaboldinho shoud stop fucking up the youtube cuideos thread with his gay elton john recitals (even thouh i dont watch them)

Arnau why do you not write antyhing i gibe a shit about your bastard **** you are na intelligent man yet you write like a child with autism and who i have raped, why do you not address a fucking queston you **** and kp you piece of shit i have seen your shoulders and i think they have gained that level of tone ups by doing sit ups over a cock.

who else ise there fucking jimmorrison the biggest uslesless mexican twat this world has ever seen oh yeah and nady you piece of shit for whing about your custom titles and fucking DIELSLER how the fuck did you MOCK ME for questioning you being a bayern fan with a dortmund sig you useless cocksucker and Ilaje your new usernamer is fucking stupid and Mus the reason you have 70% of girls approaching you is becuase you are a fucking dyke and they are fucking dykes and maestrozidane i have nothing bad to say about you but fuck you anwywy

and dont get me started on Mandieta6

Top stuff.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Before we hand out the much-coveted Poster of the Year award, we would like to take a moment to honor someone who has truly been a top poster at the site for nearly a Bar Mitzvah now. That man, whose achievements were never called into question, is Fudgepacker Brown, the #1, two-time Most Intelligent Poster of the Year winner, Shifty the "ShiftyPowers"! ShiftyPowers established himself as the one of the best posters in SG years ago, and this year became the undisputed top poster by surpassing the 25k line. Congratulations! Here are some of his greatest ever posts:

ShiftyPowers;103716 said:
I've been loyaly comming to these message boards regularly since may....OF LAST YEAR! I think I should be rewarded with Moderator status. Who here can say they've been on the messages boards regularly that long?

ShiftyPowers;103496 said:
Hello all from Germany, my first time to Europe. I'm here with my soccer...erm...fußball team. Today we won 8-2 against some **** team. Tomorrow we play the U-17s on Regensburg Post or something, which is a professional club, and I think in CM 0001. Wish me luck

ShiftyPowers;3213965 said:
Rony, how do you do your hair?

And some of his well-renowned sexiness

Poster of the Year

And finally, the award everyone has been waiting for. Who has been the absolute best poster in SG in 2012? While 4ndr3i and Mandieta6 both got some votes, Most Intelligent Poster ShiftyPowers and Funniest Poster Sir_Calumn were the only ones who put the eventual winner under any threat, drawing for 2nd with 4 votes each. But nothing could stop the SG Draft Champion, discoverer of the greatest pics in existence, master of the surprise plot twist (read justaguy), the one and only whore: yoyo913! It was a great year, dude, and now the onus is on you to retain your title (which, honestly, won't be that hard).

That's it, congratulations to all the winners. As reward, 4ndr3i has created some sigs for you all to use if you wish, and each winner is allowed to ask for one usertitle change, whether to himself or others. Please PM me and I will relay your choices in bulk to a displeased supermod.

Original post below
Haha (H)! You and Arnau both deserve recognition for coming close on multiple occasions. Overall though, I like how things spread out. Hisashi got the Phelps award and we had different winners for Lifetime, Best Poster and Most Improved.

Overall, the consensus is that Hisashi was the worst poster, with regularcat a distant second and Shifty, Sir_Didier_Drogba, Andrei, Yoyo, Arnau and Alex were some of the best posters in 2012, which is pretty accurate.
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Sir Calumn

I like how every post I make is now officially funny and original. Including this one. You'd better be laughing.
fair enough.. SG at least gets this right every year..

I only think newcomer of the year award is a joint win shared between andreapirlo21 and clash..

so, congratulations to winners of these less than significant achievements..

Sir Calumn

Hisashi cleaned up. Twice as many awards as anyone else, gaining a final decisive victory over VanTheMan
I also think that clash and Waldo1639 both should have won newcomer of the year. Their posts are remarkably original and hilarious.

Sir Calumn

They are both very good but I think some people didnt vote for them because they didnt consider them proper newcomers as clash registered in late 2010 and Waldo in early 2011. "Newcomer of the Year 2012" sort of implies best new member to have registered in 2012, which is definitely you (facing off tough competition from Hisashi and The Stroker)


Senior Squad
AndreaPirlo21;3376446 said:
I also think that clash and Waldo1639 both should have won newcomer of the year. Their posts are remarkably original and hilarious.
My posts are not original nor hilarious, clash's are though, I like him. You deserved this without a doubt. With your coming to FIFA forum I'm visiting it more often + your AI mod is something that have huge potential and is already transformed FIFA gameplay to whole another game, alongside with Fidel's and regularcat's mods. (Y)

Oh, and Hisashi (H) This kid is SG's prophet, I tell you that.


Senior Squad
Haha, thanks guys, though my posts are usually one-liners, with bad english. I think, as said already, AP deserves this the most.
Congrats everyone, especially Hisashi!


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Life Ban
You know why you didn't win? You only have 640 posts! That's criminal. 4ndr3i has become once of the best posters here since he sharted posting more. Quality over quantity, but f you've got quality, show it.


SG's van Bommel
Mandieta6;3376376 said:
.. is allowed to ask for one usertitle change, whether to himself or others. Please PM me and I will relay your choices in bulk to a displeased supermod.

Wait.. wait ..wait.. so I won 2 awards, does that mean I can change the usertitles on any 2 users of my choice?
I'm calling disrepute in the category that my Dragonboating 13 realism patch lost and announce my retirement from patch constructing here. Sorry guys.

Sir Calumn

Bobby;3376692 said:
Nothing since 2008, I feel like Arsenal.
You didnt even win those awards in 2008 - nobody bothered counting the results so you just declared victory!